BLM Protestors Chant ‘F*CK The White People’

BLACK Lives Matter protesters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shouted ‘Fuck the white people that built the system’ at restaurant diners before downing their drinks.

In one incident during Saturday’s protest, a male protester also shouted ‘Fuck 12’ – a reference to the police – to an innocent couple sat outside a restaurant.

Black Lives Matter protests in Pittsburgh

An activist dressed in a ‘Nazi Lives Don’t Matter’ tank top was also seen approaching the same couple’s table, before grabbing a glass from their table, drinking its contents and dropping the glass before smirking. Some of the restaurant’s customers were seen to get up and walk away in distress after being branded ‘an embarrassment’ by demonstrators.

Police in Pittsburgh are investigating the restaurant incident, as well as another tussle caught on camera which saw a cyclist and megaphone-wielding demonstrator shove one another.

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