LABOUR MP Claims Over £45k Expenses – Including £500-a-Night Posh Hotel Stay

LABOUR MP Zarah Sultana has been criticised for ‘taking advantage’ of the taxpayer and her expenses privileges as an MP – spending over £45,000 in just her first year of office alone.

The MP for Coventry South won her seat in the 2019 General Election by a mere 401 vote majority, in what some have described as ‘suspicious circumstances’ following reports of alleged vote fraud in the area.

Yet just a year into the job, Sultana’s expenses return shows a reckless splurge of the public purse – claiming for a variety of items and services, ranging from £2,842 in travel costs, to over £17,500 on rent alone.

On 17th January, 2020, the controversial MP also splashed-out £525 on a one-night-stay in a London hotel, which she excused as ‘Parliamentary Business’.

Sultana was a staunch supporter of Jeremy Corbyn

It is not the first time that Sultana has found herself in hot water with the public.

During her election campaign, The Jewish Chronicle reported that in 2015, while she was a student, Sultana made social media posts from a subsequently deleted account which implied that she would celebrate the deaths of former Labour prime minister Tony Blair, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former US president George W. Bush. Sultana also has also publicly given her support to “violent resistance” by Palestinians to Israel.

One thought on “LABOUR MP Claims Over £45k Expenses – Including £500-a-Night Posh Hotel Stay”

  1. To be honest, Blair should be up on charges…the expenses need to be banned. Stealing money from the taxpayer is unacceptable behaviour of someone who is in a position of trust! Sack her…..theft of tax payers money


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