CORBYN Outrageously Allowed Back Into Party, But Loses The Whip – Will Now Sit As An Independent MP

JEREMY Corbyn has lost the Labour Party whip, causing mass hysteria and outrage from the far-left of the party.

The controversial former Labour leader was suspended for criticising the EHRC report that condemned the rife antisemitism that took place under his leadership and that still continues to ravage the left-wing party.

Yet new leader Keir Starmer has been seen to take a tougher stance against antisemites and transgressors among the Labour ranks in recent months, in an effort to reestablish trust in Labour among voting members of the public.

Despite being reinstated to the party, he will not being allowed to stand as a Labour MP in the future unless Starmer and the NEC decide to reinstate the whip.

Corbyn hit back in a zoom call released by the Conservative blog Guido Fawkes, in which he stated that ‘Islington now again has a Labour MP’ – showing clear defiance to Starmer’s ruling.

As Twitter became awash with mad rants from far-left Corbynistas, Starmer reitterated his stance on tackling the dire antisemitism issue blighting his party:

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