BREXIT Deal Finally PASSED As MPs Vote Overwhelmingly In Favour – 521 to 73

BORIS Johnson’s oven-ready deal is finally roasting away on the shelf, after MPs overwhelmingly voted in its favour.

Finally concluding what has been a long and tension-addled four years since the 2016 referendum, the Tory government’s EU-UK trade deal has been officially accepted in the Commons, marking an historical moment in Britain’s history, and ensuring a prosperous, independent and sovereign future.

After MPs were recalled to Parliament, 36 Labour MPs abstained from voting, and 1 voted against the motion. Three Labour MPs who abstained have resigned from the front bench: Helen Hayes (see 2.53pm), Tonia Antoniazzi (see 2.41pm) and Florence Eshalomi, a whip.

Boris ‘sells’ his Brexit deal to Parliament

The UK will now officially sever its ties with the EU at 23.00 GMT on Thursday, four and a half years after the Brexit referendum.

The agreement hammered out with Brussels over nine months sets out a new business and security relationship between the UK and its biggest trading partner, and sees control over its own affairs being taken back by Britain.

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