LABOUR Councillor Pleads Guilty To Stalking Woman And Engaging In Bizarre Targeted Harassment

A CITY Councillor from Newcastle has become the SEVENTH Labour Politician to be arrested and charged with a crime in the past six months alone.

Cllr Dipu Ahad admitted leaving a woman alarmed and distressed by engaging in a serious and prolonged stalking campaign against her.

Dipu Ahad Labour Councillor for Newcastle
Former Cllr Dipu Ahad’s reputation now lies in tatters

Pleading guilty to the charge, Newcastle Crown Court heard that Ahad committed a series of creepy acts between December 31st, 2018 and May 30th, 2019, which amounted to stalking.

The court heard the acts he confessed to include setting up fake email and social media accounts in the victim’s name, “sending an email to himself purporting to be third party and revealing this to (her)”, phoning her home purporting to be from a Government agency, sending her a message claiming he had received malicious calls, sending her a voicemail purportedly left by a third party, using chalk paint to graffiti her car, sending her an email containing photographs, sending a message “which contained a screenshot of an email purportedly sent by a third party to Ahad”, and sending an email containing threats to himself.

After pleading guilty, Ahad was warned by a judge that “all options are open” when he is sentenced in April, meaning custody has not been ruled out.

The former Councillor, who forfeited his seat after not attending any council meetings for 6 months while the case was ongoing, is at least the seventh Labour politician to be arrested and charged with a crime in the past six months alone.

Those arrested include:

  • MP Apsana Begum, charged with housing fraud.
  • MP Claudia Webbe, charged with harassment.
  • Cllr Asaf Azfal, charged with fraud.
  • Cllr Chaudhary Iqbal, jailed for fraud.
  • Derek Hatton, arrested for fraud.
  • The Mayor of Liverpool, arrested for fraud.

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