OFFICIAL Labour Document Reveals Plot To Give Vote To Terrorists, Paedophiles And Murderers

A LABOUR Party proposal titled ‘Remaking Of The British State’ lays out Keir Starmer’s plans to launch a ‘constitutional commission’ to drastically shake-up the electoral system.

Under the controversial plans, as well as 16-year-olds being given the vote, so too would prisoners, no matter their crime, in both local and national elections.

The move would see some of Britain’s most evil lags receive the vote and have a say in the way the country is run – including felons Gary Glitter, Ian Huntley, and Britain-hating terrorists like the killers of Lee Rigby.

The 234-page document was written last year by Sean Patrick Griffin, current external governance officer for the party, and staffer for far-left former leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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The paper published by Starmer was originally written for former party leader Jeremy Corbyn

Despite allies of Sir Keir Starmer warning the new leader to distance himself from the plans, pressure from Labour supporters and the media over his ‘lacklustre leadership’, and a perceived disconnect from the far-left who had come to dominate Labour, is believed to have led to his decision to have it published.

Yet it isn’t the first time that the former lawyer – who has previously also supported calls for the abolition of the monarch – has suggested supporting the idea of introducing politics to porridge.

In a 1996 book, he wrote: “It is difficult to argue that the denial of the right to vote to prisoners is a ‘reasonable’ restriction which can be justified”.

MPs from the Conservative Party have already voiced their opposition to the proposal, branding it an insult to millions of law-abiding citizens and taxpayers. They are now calling on Starmer to confirm that he will block its implementation.

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