LAURENCE Fox Compares Covid Masks To Image Of Black Slave Being Tortured – Also Thinks Humans Can’t Speak Through Them

ATTENTION-addict Laurence Fox has latched onto another issue he has no knowledge of – this time pandering to his small audience with fact-resistant claims about face masks.

The actor, who decided to move into politics after appearing on just one episode of BBC’s Question Time, has been largely panned by the television industry and mocked by experienced politicos for regurgitating soundbites – often while demonstrating no knowledge or substance to back up his recently adopted beliefs.

Taking to Twitter today to further embarrass himself, the self-appointed leader of ‘The Reclaim Party’ said: “Take em off. They don’t work. It’s time to get back to normal.”

The false claim came accompanied by a bizarre image comparison of medieval torture devices to Covid masks.

The devices shown in Mr Fox’s tweet (worn by models) were used during the ‘Dark Ages’ and beyond to physically torture and maim – often including a piece of barbed wire which, when pressed against the tongue, inflicted unimaginable pain and rendered the wearer unable to talk. Such torture devices were also used to humiliate their victims – an example being the ‘scold’s bridle’ which was placed on wives for ‘talking back’ or ‘nagging their husbands’.

Perhaps most offensively, Fox’s tweet also contains an image of an ‘iron bit‘ – a horrific device that once brutally forced upon black slaves in the southern states of America.

The image comes from a set created to draw attention to the evil carried out against black men and women brought against their will to work on plantations and other sites.

The image was taken from a set created to highlight how black slaves were tortured by their masters

A Covid face mask on the other hand is a piece of soft cloth that partially covers the lower face, does not in any way ‘silence’ its wearer, and only has to be worn while visiting public venues such as supermarkets.

Face masks have also been proven to reduce the risk of transmission and spread of Covid-19 – as highlighted in countless studies, including those carried out by Oxford University, and a wide range of well-established expert organisations across the world.

Fox’s bizarre post is just one in a long string of comments reflecting the actor’s ignorance and uneducated stance on not only science, but history, having previously being condemned for insinuating that the appearance of Sikhs in the war film 1917 reflected “oddness in the casting” – later apologising after it being pointed out by angry members of the public that up to 70,000 Sikh soldiers died during the First World War.

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