POLITICAL GROOMING: Sturgeon Sending ‘Happy 16th Birthday’ Letters To Impressionable Teens To Encourage SNP Support

NICOLA Sturgeon has been criticised over a new campaign that has her office send out taxpayer-funded letters to teens on their 16th birthday, in what commentators are describing as ‘political grooming’.

The latest drive to promote the SNP and a second Scottish Independence referendum focuses on lowering the voting age and targeting 16-year-olds.

The letters – personally signed by the First Minister – have been slammed for using the national database to target the young impressionable teenagers:

Scottish citizens have already begun speaking out about the sly and morally-questionable tactic.

“Why on earth am I paying for this as a Scottish taxpayer?” asked one angry Scot. “I don’t want my taxes to go towards wishing 16 year olds a happy birthday. I want them to go to improving Scottish society”.

Sturgeon has repeatedly called for the lowering of the voting age, previously saying: “Giving 16 and 17-year-olds the vote for the independence referendum is widely seen as having been a huge success, which added to the unprecedented democratic engagement of the campaign and the massive turnout”.

“We want to make sure those same young adults now have the chance to vote in the next Scottish Parliament election, and have their say on how the country should be run” she added.

One thought on “POLITICAL GROOMING: Sturgeon Sending ‘Happy 16th Birthday’ Letters To Impressionable Teens To Encourage SNP Support”

  1. This woman’s tactics would not look out of place in the old communist East Germany. Unbelievable that this is where our taxes are being squandered.


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