JUNCKER Claims He Could Have Convinced Brits To Vote AGAINST Brexit – Claims UK Voters Are ‘Brainwashed’

EU bigwig Jean-Claude Juncker has egotistically claimed that he would have been able to change the minds of British voters if former PM David Cameron hadn’t advised him not to get involved with the remain campaign.

Speaking to the i Newspaper, the former EU President who stood down in 2019 he should have ignored Cameron when the ex-PM told him to stay out of the debate.

He also claimed the British electorate had been ‘brain-washed’ by years of negative coverage around Europe and described the UK’s decision to leave the failing EU experiment as a ‘historical mistake’.

European Parliament gets spicy as Jean Claude Juncker asks Nigel Farage:  Why are you here?
Juncker and Nigel Farage clashed on numerous occasions inside the EU Parliament

The former PM of Luxembourg said “I should not have listened to David Cameron”, claiming that the British Prime Minister had asked him not to intervene.

“I made a mistake because I did not defend the EU’s point of view in the UK. They asked me to shut up, so I shut up.”

Referring to the campaign to leave the European Union, Juncker said: “This brainwashing – sometimes populist, sometimes demagogic, sometimes planned – against the EU meant that British people voted for Brexit”.

“I always respect the sovereign decision, but it was ahistorical. It went against the course of history” he added, despite almost daily posting anti-Brexit comments on social media.

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