LIVERPOOL Labour Councillor Sacked From Housing Role Over £100k Cronyism Scandal

YET another Labour Councillor in Liverpool has found themselves in hot water, following allegations he broke rules in relation to the recruitment of a new chief executive.

A housing association has written to Cllr Joe Hanson (Lab) informing him that he has been removed from their board following an investigation into his conduct.

The letter claims that Cllr Hanson “colluded” with a friend and fellow council officer during secret meetings in an attempt to help install the officer as the association’s new chief executive – a role that pays a salary of £100,000 per year.

Local politicians and residents have called for Cllr Hanson to stand down from the council completely

“The special general meeting was convened due to your ignorance of the association rules at previous board meetings” the letter reads. “Your continued practices of having meetings with select members of the board without a secretary and any minuting.

“Members were show evidence of your collusion with a Liverpool City council officer with the objective of securing the same officer a high value post of chief executive of the association.

“A sub committee of registered members was formed who went through all the evidence collated on the matter.

Liverpool council could sell Cunard Building and move staff to Pall Mall,  says Mayor - Liverpool Business News
Liverpool Council has been blighted by a series of scandals, including the arrest of its Labour mayor

“Their finding being that your actions were inappropriate. All the evidence had been handed over to the Labour Party and the chief executive of Liverpool City council Tony Reeves.

“The association is awaiting guidance from Liverpool City Council on the investigation.”

Liverpool Council has come under national and government scrutiny in recent months, with its Labour Mayor being arrested and charged with fraud.

Several other Labour councillors for the City have also come under fire, with one suspended for calling Prince Philip a ‘fascist piece of inbred sh*t’, another suspended after being caught hiding his ban from teaching, and Cllr Christine Banks losing a court bid to hide the fact that she had given a glowing character reference for a sexual deviant who was convicted after attacking multiple women.

Meanwhile, a further Councillor, former Mayor Malcom Kennedy, being slammed after it was discovered he was continuing to claim expenses and sit on the council, despite living in Spain.

Liverpool Council declined to comment on the matter.

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