LIVERPOOL: Labour Cllr Accused Of Bullying Deaf Woman SLAMMED By Tory Mayor Candidate

A LABOUR Councillor from Liverpool accused by five witnesses of bullying a deaf black woman has been heavily criticised by Tory mayoral hopeful Katie Burgess.

Liverpool City Council received a devastatingly critical Best Value Inspector’s report commissioned by the Secretary of State into the way planning, highways, regeneration and property management has been run in recent years.

The report followed a police investigation and the arrests of several prominent people in Liverpool, including its elected Labour mayor, Joe Anderson, on charges of fraud, bribery, corruption, and misconduct in public office.

General Election 2015: Thousands register to vote in Liverpool - Liverpool  Echo
Cllr Small has been accused of ‘aggressive’ and ‘bullying’ behaviour towards a disabled black woman

Multiple Labour councillors in the city have also been suspended in recent months. Yet one Councillor in particular seems to have slipped through the net.

Cllr Nick Small, who represents Liverpool’s Central Ward for the Labour Party, has been accused of ‘bullying’, ‘aggressive’ and ‘antagonising’ behaviour against a disabled black female member during a meeting, by no less than five separate witnesses.

One of the witnesses described being ‘appalled’ at the conduct of Small and his group, saying Small had displayed ‘complete disregard and abuse’. As a result, the witness resigned from the Labour Party in protest.

Another described the treatment of the partially-deaf woman as ‘nothing short of bullying’.

To date, Small has not yet been disciplined over the allegations, and it is understood that no investigation has been conducted by his party.

Katie Burgess: I'm standing as Mayor of Liverpool because I know the City  can succeed | Conservative Home
Katie Burgess has criticised Cllr Small over the allegations

Speaking to VoteWatch, Tory mayor candidate for the City, Katie Burgess, said:

“Reports like these break my heart to read. The complete lack of any culpability from all Councillors since the publication of the Caller Report has been contemptible.

“While one knows that the Caller Report is only the tip of the iceberg of shame yet to be revealed, the level of depravity cannot be ignored and must be exposed.

“As City Mayor, I would lead the charge in ensuring that every story was heard and recorded for all to witness and be investigated with no stone left unturned.

“I would ensure that every individual answered, personally for their transgressions. It’s time for the takers to be took.

“In a city so keen on seeing justice done, they’ve messed with the wrong people.”

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