LABOUR Council Leader Calls Tories ‘Dirty, Lying B*stards’ In WhatsApp Message Leaked To VoteWatch

A WHATSAPP messaged leaked to VoteWatch shows the leader of Blackburn Council using foul language and offensive slurs that are sure to upset the many Conservative voters in his constituency.

Posting in a WhatsApp group named the ‘East Lancs Desi group’, the potty-mouthed leader, Mohammed Khan, wrote: “Dirty, lying bastards, that’s what the Tories are. Make no apologies for using such language.”

Khan then even attacked supporters of the Conservative Party, adding “Anyone who has an ounce of decency would realise that much.”

The Whatsapp group consists of numerous Labour Councillors and activists, yet one resident who managed to infiltrate the group took a screenshot of the offensive comments before making VoteWatch aware.

The Labour-run council has been mired in sleaze in the past few months, with its former mayor, Cllr Iftakhar Hussain, resigning in February after being caught by police breaking lockdown laws to attend a wedding party held in a nearby home.

Initially, the Labour Mayor’s bizarre and unbelievable excuse was that he had only attended the address after being contacted by one of its occupants and asked to come over to ‘open the front door to allow the delivery driver to deliver them food’.

Councillor Khan 'privileged' to be new Blackburn with Darwen leader |  Lancashire Telegraph
Council Leader Khan made the offensive comments in a WhatsApp group

Council leader Mohammed Khan’s accusations against Conservatives have been denounced as ‘rich’ by others, after his Labour-run council was placed under official police investigation early last month.

While Cllr Khan is yet to reveal the full details of the investigation, it has been confirmed that it relates to alleged fraud and contract mismanagement.

Speaking to VoteWatch about Khan’s latest demonstration of sleaze, Rick Moore, Deputy Chair of Blackburn’s Conservative Association, said: “I think that it is totally unacceptable for the Leader of Blackburn Council to use that kind of language and derogatory terminology in public.

“Politics aside, Cllr Khan represents Blackburn as the Council Leader and I do not think that is a good look for the Town.”

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