POLICE Called After Large Lib Dem Mob Try To Storm Election Count Room To Attack Candidates

COUNTING of ballots was thrown into chaos in Buckinghamshire today, after a large crowd of angry campaigners stormed the count room in Wycombe to allegedly attack successful candidates.

“The independent candidates won fair and square, and there’s about twenty of them who came in to attack them” one eye-witness claimed.

VoteWatch has confirmed that police arrived at the scene, with election officials and security staff successfully moving the crowd out of the building, after wild and aggressive scenes erupted in Wycombe Leisure Centre, where the count is taking place.

In a video being shared on social media, taken shortly after the main incident occurred, a large group of asian men can be seen arguing while being ushered outside.

Over twenty men are reported to have arrived in cars tried to “storm” the Wycombe elections after a number of independent councillors have so far been announced to have won seats in the area.

Another witness said of the men who ‘stormed’ the building: “Unfortunately, they’re family members of one of the Lib Dem candidates” he said.

“Because their candidate lost, they seem to have some feelings towards that, which they wanted to convey – storm the building, so to speak, which is completely unacceptable.”

It has not yet been confirmed if any arrests have been made.

The area of Wycombe has a recent history of ‘crooked’ politics and electoral fraud, with Labour candidate Israr Rashid being charged with postal vote fraud last year, and conspiracy to defraud the electoral services manager at Wycombe District Council.

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