BREAKING: Four Arrests Made So Far Over VILE Antisemitic Threats In North London

FOUR men have been arrested in connection with a terrifying video circulating on social media showing Islamic extremists riding through London issuing threats of death and rape to innocent British Jews.

As scenes of violence continue to spread across the UK from extremists and antisemites seeking to exploit events in Israel and Palestine, the videos, taken in Golders Green, showed a convoy of cars with their occupants beeping horns and waving Palestinian flags out of windows.

In one particularly horrific video, the despicable rabble can be heard shouting obscenities, with one man leaning out of his window and yelling: “F**k the Jews”, “f**k their daughters”m “f**k their mothers”, “rape their daughters.”

A poster being circulated on social media indicated that more intimidation was being planned at 6.30pm at a “north London” location. 

The cars were understood to have come from Bradford and to have driven down to London on Sunday morning. A social media post said there was also a group of cars which had driven from Slough to join up with the other convoys.

The Met Police have now confirmed that arrests have been made, with the following statement being issued at 7:45pm:

Police received reports of people shouting anti-Semitic abuse from a car travelling within a convoy of vehicles through the St John’s Wood area on the afternoon of Sunday, 16 May.

Enquiries were carried out and officers traced a car to the A40 in Hillingdon. The police helicopter was deployed and officers stopped the car at approximately 18:30hrs.

Four men were arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated public order offences. They were taken into custody at a west London police station where they remain.

Violence also broke out today in Manchester and other parts of the UK

Superintendent Jo Edwards, in charge of the policing operation, said: “This behaviour was utterly shocking and will not be tolerated. I understand that this would have caused considerable concern within the community and we have arranged extra patrols in the St John’s Wood and Golders Green areas this evening.”

Officers also engaged with protesters at a planned demonstration on Whitehall during the afternoon. The event passed peacefully and concluded without any arrests.

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