WATCH: Sadiq Khan Allows Islamic Extremists To March Through London Chanting Death Threats Against Jews

SHOCKING videos are emerging, showing (once again) Islamic extremists using the Palestine/Israeli conflict as an excuse to spread antisemitism and extremism on the streets of Britain’s capital.

As pro-Palestinian protests erupt into violence across central London, a large group were yesterday filmed chanting the old Arabic battle cry: “Jews, remember Khaybar, the army of Muhammad is returning.”

The Battle of Khaybar took place in 628 CE between early Muslims led by Muhammad, and Jews living in the ancient fortress town of Khaybar, Saudi Arabia. The event led to the massacre of thousands of Jews – men, women, and children – the eventual conquest of the area by the Muslim invaders, and an eventual expulsion of all Jews.

Meanwhile, as pro-Palestinian mobs surrounded the UK’s Israeli embassy, police were forced to beat back violent protestors – some wearing balaclavas.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has not only allowed the protests to continue, but has so far failed to condemn any of the violence, antisemitism, and extremism now spilling freely onto the streets of London.

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