FACT: CLAUDIA WEBBE IS A RACIST – MP Issues Shocking Rant Against White People

CLAIMING that white identity and culture only exists because white people are racist, far-left MP Claudia Webbe embarked on a disgusting rant on Twitter.

Webbe’s comment came in response to the release of a report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities , that highlighted the racist term “white privilege” as being “divisive” and said that it had contributed to the stark rise in number of disadvantaged white pupils across the country.

Dismissing the vulnerable children whom the report highlights, Webbe chose to exploit the matter to embark on a vile and highly racist tirade on Twitter.

Rightly claiming that ‘black identity’ exists, Webbe then disgustingly claimed that white people would have no culture, value, nor distinguishable identity, were it not for racism – and that white people ‘subjugate’ (i.e. dominate) black people.

The racist comment has been likened to racist Labour MP Dianne Abbott’s infamous outburst, in which she claimed that ‘white people’ like to divide and rule.

Whereas Abbott makes the odd slip-up, however, Claudia’s racism is well-documented, with her Twitter account history showing an extensive campaign to demonise the white population of Britain.

This month, the Corbyn-cuddler (who is to stand trial later this year after being charged with harassment) falsely and dangerously claimed that the vaccine rollout program “is disproportionately favoring [sic] white people.”

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