LABOUR Councillor Slammed After Pulling Up To Take SELFIES In Front Of Families Involved In Car Crash

A TWISTED Labour Councillor who spotted a serious car crash and decided to pull over to take opportunistic photographs has been widely criticised by locals in Wolverhampton.

Despicably pulling over in front of the crash, that involved three vehicles, Councillor Celia Hibbert then posted photographs of herself standing in front of the scene, while police spoke to shaken drivers and their families.

Self-serving Councillor Hibbert said she took the images to show she was “here and around” to deal with local issues, and shockingly insisted that there was “nothing wrong” with her actions.

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SELFIE-SERVING: Cllr Hibbert has been widely condemned over her actions

However, the Penn ward councillor was met with a public backlash on Facebook, with many accusing her of insensitivity, of exploiting other people’s suffering and anguish, and of using the crash as a “photo opportunity”.

Police, firefighters and paramedics attended the crash that took place at the junction of Penn Road and Alexandra Road.

The Labour Councillor posed in a wig in front of the crash scene

West Midlands Ambulance Service said one man was treated for minor injuries and discharged at the scene, while another man was taken to New Cross Hospital with so-far unidentified injuries.

The Councillor’s selfies online were greeted with a flood of anger from local residents.

Marie Tunks said: “Sorry but councillors who do this should be asked to stand down especially if some family members don’t know their loved ones have been in a serious accident.”

Ellen Osborne said: “Wow. I like the community awareness thing as much as the next person. However using it for a campaign and a photo opportunity, right at the scene is in such bad taste.”

Charlene Ault added: “Councillors code of conduct needs a look at I think councillor.”

Paul McMurtrie said: “This is just ambulance chasing for votes. It would be great if you could set up a campaign and get support for actual change (which will never happen) but hanging around crash sites is just poor taste.”

And Vicki Carter wrote: “Wow i think you may have misjudged your reasoning for a photo shoot. If my family member had been involved in this accident and i saw these pics i would not be happy at all!!”

VoteWatch accepts the Councillor’s claim that she is available to deal with local incidents and emergencies… if, of course, the word ‘deal’ is taken to mean failing to help victims whilst taking selfies for her campaign leaflets.

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