LABOUR MPs Accuse Their Own Party Of Being Institutionally Racist

TWO Labour MPs have made damning yet unsurprising claims that the Labour Party is racist towards people based on ‘religion, race, and heritage’ – as the failing left-wing opposition continue to fail to rid itself of countless bigots.

“It saddens me to post this but racism is alive & well within Labour”, Navendu Mishra, Labour MP for Stockport tweeted.

“A hierarchy of racism exists inside the party & some groups are seen as fair game for attacks based on religion/race/heritage.

General Election 2019: Labour's Navendu Mishra wins Stockport seat with  reduced majority compared to Ann Coffey | Mancunian Matters
MP Navendu Mishra has accused his own party of being racist

“More needs to be done when it comes to be being inclusive & welcoming to all.

“Labour will not win by playing divide and rule politics against our communities. We will win based on a principled stance against racism and discrimination of all kinds inside and outside the party.”

Many Labour members and party supporters evidently agree with Mr Mishra’s sentiments, including Labour MP Kim Johnson, who represents Liverpool Riverside in Parliament.

Recently the Labour Party drew national condemnation after an EHRC investigation concluded that it had broken multiple hate laws relating to antisemitism.

However, Jew-hatred isn’t the only focus of the many racists within Labour, with Dawn Butler and Diane Abbott (both accused of racism themselves) having highlighted the fact that over 1,000 complaints of anti-black, anti-muslim, and other forms of racism had been shelved by the party and have still not been investigated.

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