LABOUR Councillor Accused Of Sexually Harassing Young Girls Suspended By Party

A LABOUR councillor from Sandwell accused of sexually abusing and harassing young girls has been suspended by the party.

Kirat Singh, who represents the ward of Wednesbury South, was accused of historical abuse by a string of young girls, now adults, who claim he stalked, harassed, and sexually assaulted them.

Singh was a prominent figure in the West Midlands camp scene at a local Gurdwara, and would provide young girls with car trips to take them back home from the camps.

Cllr Kirat Singh

The allegations made against him include claims by some of the girls that he had locked them in his car and tried to kiss them, while others allege he stroked their hands and touched them inappropriately.

A total of eight victims came forward to the police, who investigated further, and enough evidence was found that the CPS pressed charges.

However, charges were later dropped when some of the victims failed to attend court – with sources stating that they had received pressure from their families, while others chose to ‘leave the past behind them’.

Cllr Singh was suspended today, yet Labour have refused to comment on the reason behind his suspension or if it relates to the allegations made against him.

Sandwell has received national coverage lately after being labelled as ‘another rotten Labour-run borough’.

Sandwell Council leader under investigation by Labour Party | Express & Star
Sandwell Council is run by the Labour Party

The council has seen corruption, ‘dodgy deals’, and Keir Starmer promising, yet so-far failing, to resolve numerous issues in the way his councillors are managing the constituency.

In April of this year, two Labour Councillors dramatically quit the party, accusing it of covering-up corruption.

Councillor Joanne Hadley, who represents Great Bridge ward, said she could no longer work for Labour, citing “ongoing attempts to cover up political corruption in the Sandwell Labour Group”.

Hadley’s shock announcement followed the resignation of former Sandwell Council leader Yvonne Davies, who claimed the party was attempting to “bury the truth about wrongdoing” at the local authority.

“I’m disgusted by the ongoing attempts to cover up political corruption in the Sandwell Labour Group as well as its treatment of strong local women” she said.

Sandwell Council leader resigns after being suspended by Labour Party over  'anti-Semitic' tweets | Express & Star
Former Council leader Yvonne Davies left the party, citing ‘corruption’

“The party has elbowed aside excellent female standing councillors and faceless party officials from London have imposed candidates, including one who has committed gross misconduct – which is a disgrace.”

Commenting on today’s suspension of Cllr Singh, David Wilkes, a local resident and campaigner, said: “I would like see the government making candidates and councillors over the UK to make them have DBS checks for safe guarding the the local community.”

Conservative Councillor Ian Chambers told VoteWatch: “We deserve better for Wednesbury and the people of sandwell”

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