BREAKING: Cressida Dick RESIGNS As Met Commissioner In Shock Announcement

THE lacklustre Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, has announced her resignation following huge pressure over rising crime and a recent report exposing bigotry among her officers.

This evening, after London Mayor Sadiq Khan publicly declared his dissatisfaction with the Commissioner, and demanded to be shown a plan for immediate change, Dick officially resigned from her post, despite just earlier today defiantly claiming she wouldn’t stand down.

A statement by Mayor of London Sadiq Khan

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, said: “Last week, I made clear to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner the scale of the change I believe is urgently required to rebuild the trust and confidence of Londoners in the Met and to root out the racism, sexism, homophobia, bullying, discrimination and misogyny that still exists.

“I am not satisfied with the Commissioner’s response, he added – indicating that Dick would have been given the ultimate of being sacked should she not resign.

“On being informed of this, Dame Cressida Dick has said she will be standing aside. It’s clear that the only way to start to deliver the scale of the change required is to have new leadership right at the top of the Metropolitan Police.”

Mayor Khan and Home Secretary Priti Patel will now meet to discuss Dick’s replacement, with Patel having the power to appoint the new commissioner.

One thought on “BREAKING: Cressida Dick RESIGNS As Met Commissioner In Shock Announcement”

  1. What Khan wants us not a Police Service or Heaven forbid, a Police FORCE , he wants a ‘Thought Crime Police FORCE. ‘ Khan’s WOKE Thought Commandos’. To spend 24/7 knocking on doors, eavesdropping private conversations, charging the unwary innocents with unspeakable Thoughts!. YOU fund it ‘ MAYOR’ Khan. and leave OUR Metropolitan Police FORCE to do the REAL POLICE Job of prosecuting Crime, catching Criminals and putting them away for REAL Crime, not Hate or Thought Crime


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