PUTIN’S PRIZE PLUM: George Galloway Humiliated After Claiming Russia Wouldn’t Invade Ukraine

RUSSIAN State-paid opportunist George Galloway was left with egg on his face, after boasting that he was ‘right’ about the Moscow monsters he supports had no plans to invade Ukraine.

The relentlessly rejected politician made the claim on February 15th, tweeting “Y’all said Russia was about to invade Ukraine. I told you it wasn’t. You were wrong. I was right. Again.”

The chancer continued: “Show some bloody humility. Especially if they’re not even paying you to act like an idiot”.

Just ten days later, Russia did indeed invade Ukraine, with the civilian death toll continuing to rise on a daily basis as a result of dictator Putin’s ongoing crimes against humanity.

Yet Galloway continues to gush over Vladimir, as he has over numerous evil dictators and despots over the decades – and is yet to issue an apology.

Instead, as his failed political party has now practically folded, he has carried on taking ‘cash from the Kremlin’ via his talk show on Russian State-controlled ‘Sputnik’, connected to RT News.

On his show, Galloway has proudly dished-out disinformation, blamed the invasion on Nato and the West, and refused to condemn the murder of innocent men, women and children in Ukraine.

Recently, VoteWatch also revealed that Galloway was merrily giving a platform to rabid antisemite and conspiracy theorist Kirby Sommers, and not only allowing her to provide false information to his viewers, but heaping praise on the Jew-hater and refusing to condemn her racism.

It is quite clear that a fifth column exists in the UK – a rabble of anti-west, pro-Putin goons such as Galloway – with the talkshow host now rightly being exposed and ridiculed in equal measure.

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