BBC Editor Tweets Instructions On ‘Where To Throw A Molotov Cocktail’

THE BBC’s Middle East Editor, Jeremy Bowen, has been criticised for tweeting out a leaflet instructing volunteer fighters in Ukraine of the weak spots to target on Russian vehicles with molotov cocktails.

Bowden, who has been widely praised for his reports from inside Ukraine during the ongoing invasion by dictator Putin, came under fire for irresponsibly sharing the instructions on his Twitter account yesterday morning.

“Where to throw a Molotov cocktail” he wrote. “Guide for Ukrainian volunteers #Kyiv shows weak spots in Russian armour, viewing hatches and air inlets”.

It is most probable that the journalist was simply reporting on literature being handed out to volunteers. However, the ill-thought out tweet was criticised for dangerously providing the instructions to potential terrorists outside Ukraine, and for potentially breaking the broadcaster’s rules on the promotion of violence.

“Christ, what’s happened to the media?” one shocked Twitter user replied.

“This is insane. Why are you tweeting this?” asked another.

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