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ANTIFA Thugs Set Fire To Apple Store And Attack Church Providing Meals To The Homeless



A HUGE crowd of Antifa members have torched an Apple store and attacked a church that is acting as a lifeline to vulnerable homeless people in Portland, America.

As far-left rioters continue to terrorise the city in Oregon with violence and destruction, numerous buildings have come under attack.

Protesters assembled in Lents Park, where police officers shot and killed a white youth who was alleged to be in possession of a firearm.

Marchers Set Fire at Apple Store and Shatter Windows Across Downtown  Portland After Police Killing - Willamette Week
The far-left criminals also attacked businesses owned by immigrants and members of the BAME community

Police have so far arrested four people after declaring a riot Friday night when protesters smashed windows, looted already-struggling businesses, and set multiple fires, including torching one of the city’s Apple stores.

Police said they dispersed the crowd so firefighting crews could douse fires before they caused further damage and risk to life.

Dressed in their trademark all-black clothing, and with some carrying helmets, goggles, weapons and gas masks, members of the extremist far-left movement had cheered as the Apple store went up in flames, before attacking a bank, the city’s historical centre, and various local businesses and charitable organisations, including a nearby church.


Conservative commentator Andy Ngo said: “In addition to arson attacks, smashing windows & looting, Antifa rioters in Portland also vandalized the First Christian Church.

“This is at least the third Christian house of worship to be violently targeted by Antifa. This church provides meals weekly to the homeless.”

CNN reporter Jenny Young confirmed that two security guards were caught-up in the dangerous scenes – both are understood to have eventually escaped to safety before the fire claimed their lives.

American conservatives have long campaigned for Antifa to be proscribed as a domestic terrorist threat, following years of violence and brutality.

Only two arrests have been made so far: Ameron Millar-Griffin, 24 – Riot, Criminal Mischief, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly conduct. Theodore O’Brien, 22 – Criminal Mischief. Skye Sodja, 43 – Assaulting a Public Safety Officer, Disorderly conduct.



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