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ASH Sarkar Filmed Breaking Social Distancing Rules To Join “F*CK THE POLICE” March Led By BLM Racist



CONTROVERSIAL socialist Ash Sarkar was caught breaking social distancing rules today – not wearing a mask while joining hundreds of anti-police BLM protestors in the capital.

If calling white men ‘gammons’ (a racist derogatory term based on skin colour), or releasing a video celebrating a declining white population wasn’t enough to get Corbynista Ash Sarkar in hot water; her actions today certainly should see her at the very least questioned by authorities.

The march, which took place in Tottenham this afternoon, was led by Sarah Johnson – a BLM activist whose past comments have also come under fire; including one in which she stated that one of her objectives was to make white people ‘slaves’ – adhered to no social distancing measures, and saw Sarkar trot through the streets while refusing to wear a face mask to protect the public. Around her, activists chanted “fuck the police”, as MET police officers were humiliatingly forced by their superiors to march alongside them for their protection.

The march’s main aim was to protest against the British Police’s Stop and Search scheme – a scheme that has seen thousands of knives removed from the streets.

The march’s organiser, Sarah Johnson, styles herself on the black supremacy Black Panther Party

The event has been criticised not only for breaking social distancing measures in place to combat the coronavirus pandemic, but also for its hypocrisy and what many are calling a ‘two-tier police system’.

While the activists were allowed to break the law while freely spread unrest, public disorder and profanity, in contrast, recent anti-lockdown protests have seen the mass arrest of activists – despite marching no differently to their BLM counterparts.


Sarkar, who is often interviewed by the BBC and other news outlets for her pro-socialism views, has coveted controversy by race-baiting, attacking white people based on their skin colour, and has been described by some as the ‘Katie Hopkins of the left’.

In September 2018, Sarkar defended anti-Zionist activist Ewa Jasiewicz in relation to Jasiewicz’s scheduled speech at a Momentum conference that was running alongside the official Labour conference.

VoteWatch has contacted the Metropolitan Police for a comment on why they arrested anti-lockdown protestors yet refused to arrest activists from today’s march, despite them making the same social distancing violations.

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