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BAD NEWS FOR BALLOT-BURGLARS: Gov’t To Introduce Law To Crackdown On Postal Vote Harvesting



THE Conservative government are to pass new electoral laws to dramatically reduce the ability of Britain’s many postal vote fraudsters to rig local and general elections.

In reforms due to be announced in the Queen’s speech tomorrow, the government will soon be passing new laws, including tightening rules around absent voting and voter intimidation and the implementation of voter ID.

The new measures will also include a ban on postal vote harvesting by limiting the number of votes a person can hand in at a polling station on behalf of others.

Why was this man helping Labour candidate scrape to victory? | Daily Mail  Online
Tariq Mahmood (left) continues to campaign for Labour MPs and councillors, despite previously being sent to prison for postal vote fraud

The method of postal vote harvesting has been heavily used by the Labour party and by vote fraudsters – collecting huge numbers of postal votes, and then delivering them to polling stations come election day.

In Peterborough, a convicted vote-rigger, Tariq Mahmood, used such a crooked loophole in an attempt to rig a local election in favour of a Labour mayor.

Under the new rules, however, criminals like Mahmood – who STILL campaigns with the Labour party and has ‘helped’ numerous MPs and Councillors win their seats – will no longer be able collect masses of often suspicious postal votes.


In the run-up to the recent local elections, Wayne Fitzgerald, the Deputy leader of Peterborough Council, told VoteWatch:

“Voters should have 100% confidence in our electoral system and be certain that everything is above board” he said.

“Sadly, here in Peterborough it seems that is not the case as once again a convicted vote fraudster is seemingly involved in election campaigning for the Labour Party!

Tariq Mahmood was once again caught campaigning for Labour in this year’s local elections

“We have already had reports of them harvesting votes from the public and particularly from those that are vulnerable and mostly EU citizens.

“The authorities and the police do really need to crack down on this postal vote problem here in Peterborough and put some tangible resource into catching these election cheats.”

Also during the recent election, Dr David Bull, Deputy Leader of Reform UK spoke to VoteWatch about alleged serious breaches of electoral law taking place in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


Dr Bull said he became concerned after witnessing an individual arriving at a polling station to deliver a bundle of postal votes.

Walking into the polling station in question, situated inside Cubitt Town Infant’s School in Tower Hamlets, Bull said the man was brazenly holding a stack of pre-filled postal votes in his hand.

“Why is this always happening?” he said. “They’re postal votes; the clue’s in the name – you post them!”

It is not yet known what the number of postal votes a person is allowed to ‘harvest’ will be reduced to, but it is understood to be a drastic cut to ensure an effective hurdle is put in place to deter postal vote-riggers.

Further measures to secure the ballot are also expected, although many believe that the new rules ‘don’t go far enough’, with a growing call for postal votes to only be made available to the sick, elderly, or those working overseas or in the armed forces.



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