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BBC’S Stacey Dooley Claims White People Are ‘Privileged’ And Aren’t Punished For Committing Crimes



STACEY Dooley offended listeners today by stereotyping people by their race and claiming that if a white person commits a crime “there aren’t going to be repercussions”.

Speaking today on BBC Radio 4 to promote her latest series, the outspoken presenter told of her time spent filming with a family living on an island off the coast of Scotland.

“[In] one of the episodes we were looking at a family who have a great working relationship with Extinction Rebellion” she told the BBC’s Clive Anderson. “They’re SO privileged – white, middle class…”

“I went onto that island thinking, well it’s all well and good you encouraging people to get arrested for what they believe in, but actually if you’re white and middle class and privately educated there aren’t going to be repercussions for you if you are arrested later down the line.”

Dooley made the offensive remarks on this morning’s ‘Loose Ends’ podcast on BBC Radio 4

The BBC have long been criticised for promoting anti-white, pro-Black Lives Matter material that stereotypes white Brits with controversial and bigoted terms such as ‘white privilege’ and ‘whiteness’.

In July last year, the taxpayer-funded broadcaster was forced to remove one of its podcasts following an outpour of complaints from angered viewers.

In the podcast, titled ‘No Country For Young Women’, presenter Sadia Azmat posed the question: “How can white women not be Karens?”

The name ‘Karen’ has been hijacked by the left-wing and by black supremacists to describe ‘racist white women’, with the podcast in question focusing heavily on so-called ‘white privilege’.

The presenters then embarked on wild rants, insinuating that all white women are racist, with Amelia Dimoldenberg saying that white women could avoid being Karens by “educating themselves”.

“Read some books so you are aware of the histories of white people and race,” Amelia said, to which historian Dr Charlotte Riley replied: “I think as well just try not to be defensive about things, and particularly try not to be defensive about your whiteness.


“I think a lot of the time when women are Karens it is because they are completely unwilling to accept that their whiteness is a privilege and, you know, instead they want to be treated in a special way because they are women.”

She suggested some women “don’t want to interrogate how their behaviour might be racist.”

“I think you have to be ready to think critically about your identity and your privilege,” she added.

“Yeah, and don’t be so loud,” Ms Dimoldenberg agreed.

“Stop shouting and stop attacking black voices,” she continued. “Instead you should be uplifting them.”


“Yeah, get out of the way basically,” Dr Riley laughed.

Scores of Twitter users, however, responded to the debate with fury.

Tory MP Ben Bradley tweeted: “BBC spending £100m on diversity and this junk (which honestly is racist! Would not be acceptable the other way around!) whilst at the same time ditching regional news in order to save £25m.

“Absolute joke. Cancelling my TV license. I don’t need to pay for this.”


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