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BIDEN: “We Believe We’re On Track To Win This Election”



DEMOCRAT Presidential candidate Joe Biden has delivered a speech in which he urged patience and reassured his supporters that he is optimistic of gaining the keys to the White House.

Standing on a stage in Delaware – a state that in the past couple of hours was won by the Democrats – the former Vice President for the Obama administration said:

“We feel good about where we are – we really do. We believe we’re on track to win this election”.

Mr Biden addressing the crowd in Delaware beside his wife, Jill

“The counting of the early vote is going to take a while. We have to be patient. It aint over until every vote is counted. But we’re feeling good about where we are”.

Mr. Biden then stated that he was feeling confident about winning Arizona – a state that hasn’t been won by a Democrat since Bill Clinton in 1996, yet appears to be turning blue.

“And by the way, we’re gonna win Pennsylvania!” he added.

A large crowd gathered to listen to the announcement

Mr. Biden’s remarks are likely to have been made to counteract a potential backhand approach by President Donald Trump, who is expected to attempt to declare victory before the postal votes in key states are counted – many of which are likely to favour the Democrat Party.

“We could know the results as early as tomorrow morning” he said. “But it may take a little longer. As I’ve said all along, it’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to announce who’s won this election – that’s the decision of the American people.”

Shortly after the speech, Donald Trump took to Twitter to announce a so-far unsubstantiated claim of wrongdoing on the part of Democrats.

“We are up big. But they are trying to steal the election” he wrote. “We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the poles [sic] are closed!”

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