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BORIS Slams ‘European Super League’ Plans – “The Clubs Involved Must Answer To Their Fans”



PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has hit out at money-fuelled plans for Britain’s top football teams to breakaway and join a ‘European Super League’, saying that it would be ‘damaging for football’.

The Premier League have already strongly condemned proposals to form the new league, after multiple sources revealed that the new competition will include the ‘top six’ English clubs.

Describing it as a “so-called super league”, Uefa said that the new £6bn competition is a “cynical project founded on the self-interest of a few clubs”, and are holding emergency meetings in an attempt to persuade clubs not to join – even threatening to ban any players involved from “any competition at domestic, European or world level”.

“I’m disgusted with Manchester United and Liverpool the most,” Gary Neville said today. “They’re breaking away to a competition they can’t be relegated from? It’s an absolute disgrace. We have to wrestle back power in this country from the clubs at the top of this league – and that includes my club.

“It’s pure greed, they’re impostors. The owners of Man United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City have nothing to do with football in this country.


“Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham aren’t even in the Champions League. Have they even got the right to be in there? They’re an absolute joke. Time has come now to have independent regulators to stop these clubs from having the power base. Enough is enough.”

This evening, Boris Johnson and French president, Emmanuel Macron were the first European leaders to enter the pitch, both releasing statements condemning the proposals.

“Plans for a European Super League would be very damaging for football and we support football authorities in taking action,” Johnson tweeted. “They would strike at the heart of the domestic game, and will concern fans across the country. The clubs involved must answer to their fans and the wider footballing community before taking any further steps.”

Labour leader Keir Starmer also voiced his objections to the move: “This proposal risks shutting the door on fans for good, reducing them to mere spectators and consumers. The clubs involved in this proposal should rethink immediately. And if they don’t, they should face the consequences of their actions.”

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