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BREAKING: Angela Rayner SACKED As Labour Party Chairman



FOLLOWING yet another dismal election for the Labour Party, Angela Rayner has today been sacked by Keir Starmer, and will no longer be the Party chair.

The Corbyn-backing MP became the party’s chair following the rise of Sir Keir Starmer, who took over from far-left Corbyn following Labour’s last serious election defeat in 2019.

Rayner’s sacking is said to be influenced by the result of Hartlepool and other parts of the ‘Red Wall’, and over rumours that she and other ‘Corbynites’ referred to Sir Keir as ‘a trojan horse’ secretly trying to destroy the part.

Angela Rayner is no Corbynista - the Board was right to invite her to its  Chanukah event - The Jewish Chronicle
Rayner has been a long-time supporter and friend of Jeremy Corbyn

Patrick Maguire, a reporter for The Times, said a Labour party source had confirmed Ms Rayner has been removed.

Ms Rayner remains in position as Labour Party deputy leader, but already far-left members of the party are displaying anger over the decision. Many of those voicing their objections are also bizarrely calling for the return of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader, despite him leading the party into one of its most disastrous election defeats in recent history.

Jessica Elgot, The Guardian’s deputy political editor, tweeted: “Labour MPs pretty godsmacked at apparent move to pin blame for elections at Angela Rayner – astonishment across the board from left to right.


“Aside from anything else the women’s PLP [Parliamentary Labour Party] will go bats**t.”

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