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BREAKING: Another Labour MP Accused Of Breaking Electoral Laws



LABOUR MP Tracy Brabin has been caught trying to ‘bribe’ constituents into voting for her – breaking electoral laws on ‘treating’ by handing out boxes of chocolate brownies with ‘VoteLabour’ printed on the packaging.

The former Coronation Street actress who won her ‘safe seat’ under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, paid for a large number of the branded luxury treats to hand out to constituents in an apparent attempt to coerce them into voting for Labour and supporting her bid to be the next mayor of West Yorkshire.

UK electoral laws have strict rules around ‘treating’: if election candidates or their agents offer any food, drink, entertainment or any payment in order to make any attempt to sway voters to vote for them, then they have broken electoral law and thus committed a crime.

Not only this, but Brabin has placed her own constituents at risk, for electoral law also states that the recipient of any such goods is also guilty of the offence.

Brabin hands out more treats in an effort to ‘bribe’ voters

Unaware that the law has been broken and that they have unwittingly been made accomplices, multiple residents have proudly shown the treats given to them by the MP, with even a local Labour candidate, Kerron Cross, thanking Brabin on social media for the “vote Labour chocolate brownies” given to him that day.

Yesterday, VoteWatch exclusively revealed that another MP, Charlotte Nichols had also been caught breaking electoral laws, with police seeking to prosecute her late last year after the MP for Warrington North was found to have lied about her address on her official nomination papers.

VoteWatch has now reported Brabin’s breach to West Yorkshire police, and will update in due course.

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