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BREAKING: Calvin Robinson SUSPENDED By GB News – Joins Laurence Fox And Dan Wootton



GB News has today suspended controversial conspiracy theorist and presenter Calvin Robinson after he defended Laurence Fox and criticised his colleagues. 

Robinson’s suspension follows channel boss Angelos Frangopoulos saying today that Laurence Fox went “way past the limits of acceptance” in his “appalling” comments on GB News about self-described political commentator and radical feminist Ava Evans.

In a clip that has already been viewed over ten million times, Fox appeared on Dan Wootton’s show to discuss a vile tweet by Evans.

Evans had been widely condemned for appearing to dismiss the need for a government minister to address men’s mental health and suicide – an issue that claims thousands of lives every year. Evans also previously said she wants men to be ‘afraid’ and ‘live in fear’ of accusations made by women, regardless of whether or not those accusations are true.

Fox told Wootton: ‘We’re past the watershed so I can say this: show me a single self-respecting man that would like to climb into bed with that woman, ever, ever, who wasn’t an Incel?


‘That little woman has been fed, spoon-fed oppression day after day after day… starting with the lie of the gender wage gap, and she’s sat there and I’m going, if I met you in a bar and that was like sentence three, chances of me just walking away are just huge.

‘We need powerful strong amazing women who make great points for themselves, we don’t need these sort of feminist 4.0… they’re pathetic and embarrassing. Who would want to sh*g that?’


Laurence Fox posted a lengthy response to his suspension on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Laurence Fox posted a lengthy response to his suspension on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Wootton replied: ‘Well, look, she, I’m just going to provide a touch of balance from her because she did actually respond to this earlier today, saying that she regretted her comments but she didn’t apologise.’


Wootton added: ‘And she’s a very beautiful woman, Laurence, very beautiful woman.’

In a statement posted to X, GB News said: ‘GB News has formally suspended Laurence Fox while we continue our investigation into comments he made on the channel last night.

‘Mr Fox’s suspension is effective immediately and he has been taken off air. We will be apologising formally to Ms Evans today.’

The following day, GB News also suspended Dan Wootton.

Laurence Fox has since issued an emotional apology in a video posted on his X account.


Today, Calvin Robinson tweeted: “I have been suspended from GB News.”

It followed an earlier post showing support for Wootton, saying he would not appear on Dan Wootton Tonight without his suspended colleague.

SUSPENDED: 'Click-bait cleric' Calvin Robinson has been chastised over his defence for Laurence Fox and attack against his own colleagues.

SUSPENDED: ‘Click-bait cleric’ Calvin Robinson has been chastised over his defence for Laurence Fox and attack against his own colleagues.

He also condemned “careerist ambitious” colleagues “who are currently gunning for his job”.

“These people are worse than the woke mob, because these vultures are giving the mob ammunition and essentially escalating the channel’s demise,” he added.

Mr Robinson has himself been widely criticised in recent months for spreading conspiracy theories, demonstrable false information, and for promoting anti-Ukraine Kremlin narratives riddled with debunked claims, in an apparent effort to get attention from his followers on social media.

Meanwhile, Wootton’s MailOnline column has also been axed over the controversy.


His regular column was originally paused in August while the publication investigated allegations he used a pseudonym and offered colleagues money for sexual material.

In an interview with the BBC, Mr Frangopoulos said GB News had a “process to follow”, but expected the internal investigation to be “resolved very quickly”.


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