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BREAKING: Councillor Appears in Court Charged With Attempted Murder



A Councillor from Bridgend in Wales charged with attempted murder following a stabbing incident involving a female victim has appeared in court today.

Police officers were dispatched to a report of a major nighttime assault in Tairfelin, Wildmill, on July 10th, following which a woman was transported to a nearby hospital.

Councillor Darren Brown, 34, was swiftly arrested and charged with attempted murder. It is understood that Brown’s alleged victim was stabbed multiple times.

However, the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales had ruled that because no one, including the council to which Darren Brown belongs, has filed a complaint, no regulatory action can be yet be taken against him.

A clerk from Bridgend town council confirmed Mr Brown remained a councillor, explaining it does not have the power to suspend a member. It is unclear if this is still the case.


Today Councillor Brown attended Newport Crown Court via video from Cardiff prison.

Brown, an independent Bridgend town councillor, was not arraigned pending a psychiatric assessment and has been ordered to appear in court in person on September 21st before being and remanded back into custody.

His trial is set for January 2nd, 2024 and is expected to last for five days.

In Wales, as in England, an allegation of attempted murder is understandably considered so serious that it is classed as an indictable only offence. This means that only the Crown Court can hear a case of attempted murder, with the maximum penalty being life imprisonment.

If Brown is found guilty his sentence will depend on whether he is found to have committed first or second degree attempted murder. First degree attempted murder typically carries life in prison with the possibility of parole. Second degree attempted murder typically carries a prison sentence of 5 to 15 years.



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1 Comment

  1. Joe Scott

    August 16, 2023 at 6:29 pm

    Stabbed multiple times, but that’s OK then 🤔… Mental illness blah blah blah… Absolutely disgusting… Give him a rope necklace fgs 😡

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