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BREAKING: Crispin Blunt Confirms He’s The Tory MP Arrested Over Rape Allegation



Senior Conservative MP Crispin Blunt has been arrested over an allegation of rape, the parliamentarian has confirmed.

Crispin Blunt – whom The Sun newspaper said it would not name in their exclusive for legal reasons – has also been questioned on suspicion of possession of controlled substances.

The former Conservative minister said he would co-operate fully with the police investigation “I am confident will end without charge”.

In a statement on X, Crispin Blunt said: “It has been reported that an MP was arrested yesterday in connection with an allegation of rape.

“I am confirming that MP was me. The fact of the arrest requires a formal notification of the Speaker and then my Chief Whip.


“I have now been interviewed twice in connection with this incident, the first time three weeks ago, when I initially reported my concern over extortion. The second time was earlier this morning under caution following arrest.

Crispin Blunt has denied the allegations.

Crispin Blunt has denied the allegations.

“The arrest was unnecessary as I remain ready to co-operate fully with the investigation that I am confident will end without charge.”

Crispin Blunt added: “I do not intend to say anything further on this matter until the police have completed their inquiries.”

The Conservative MP becomes the third to be engulfed in scandal in recent months, with another Tory MP currently on bail over sexual assault allegations which he denies.

Contributing to the headache undoubtedly felt by Rishi Sunak right now is a scandal relating to MP Peter Bone, who has been banned for six-weeks from the House of Commons, after a panel ruled that allegations of bullying and sexual misconduct were true.

Bone, now sitting as an independent, has staunchly denied the allegations and ruling, and faces a recall petition. If the petition is successful, and 10% of voters in his constituency sign it, a by-election will be called.



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