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BREAKING: Dan Wootton FIRED By Daily Mail Amid Suspension And Investigation Into Sexual Impropriety, Bullying Allegations



Dan Wootton has today had his contract as a columnist for MailOnline terminated, a spokesperson for the news website’s parent company has confrimed. The decision comes amid an investigation into serious allegations of sexual impropriety and bullying made against the presenter – but his fate seems to have been sealed after being suspended from GB News yesterday. 

Wootton was suspended by GB News on Wednesday, after a row over comments made by actor-turned-political-activist Laurence Fox on his show on Tuesday.

Fox was taken off air following the remarks he made on air about radical feminist, shock jock, and PoliticsJOE journalist Ava Evans, which have been described as “unacceptable, unjustifiable and indefensible”.

One of his comments included asking: “Who would want to shag that?”

A spokesperson for DMG Media, the parent company of MailOnline, said: “Following events this week, DMG Media can confirm that Dan Wootton’s freelance column with MailOnline – which had already been paused – has now been terminated, along with his contract.”


In its statement, posted yesterday on Twitter, GB News wrote: “[We have] suspended Dan Wootton following comments made on his programme by Laurence Fox last night.

“This follows our decision earlier today to formally suspend Mr Fox.”

As Fox’s comments drew widespread condemnation, Wootton offered an apology to Ms Evans in a public post on X, formerly known as Twitter, in which he described the reporter as “brilliant”.

He apologised “unreservedly” for what was said during the show and conceded he should have done this immediately on air.

 Laurence Fox has defended his comments, saying that GB News should have 'defended free speech'.

Laurence Fox has defended his comments, saying that GB News should have ‘defended free speech’.

Wootton, who could be seen laughing as Fox made his remarks, reiterated his “regret” over the incident in another social media post on Wednesday morning “having looked at the footage” of what he described as a “bizarre exchange”.

“I should have intervened immediately,” he said, adding: “I know I should have done better. I’m devastated…”


Wootton, who has staunchly denied the so-far unsubstantiated allegations, remains accused of targeting current and former Sun employees with offers of money in return for explicit images. He is also accused of obtaining at least one sexual video illegally, without the consent of one of the participants, of blackmailing individuals into doing his bidding, of bullying former colleagues – and has also been accused of rape.

Wootton issued an apology after failing to control the widely-condemned interview.

Wootton issued an apology after failing to control the widely-condemned interview.

Confusion still surrounds the scandal, mainly due to Wootton’s failure to deny he used an email account with the pseudonym ‘Martin Branning’ to carry out some of the acts he is accused of – but also because The Byline Times, the outlet that has predominantly published the claims, has so far not released credible evidence to support the most serious claims, and has a history of being sued for printing libel and false allegations.

A full breakdown of the allegations, including an in-depth analysis covering ‘both sides’ of the scandal, can be read by clicking here.



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