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BREAKING: Katie Hopkins To Stand As UKIP Candidate In London Elections



KATIE Hopkins is officially UKIP’s lead candidate for the Greater London Assembly elections, the party has today announced. 

The outspoken political broadcaster, businesswomen, and former candidate on The Apprentice joined UKIP early last month. 

Under the current leadership of Neil Hamilton, UKIP has experienced a calmer, more focused period since the tumultuous days of bitter infighting that accompanied the parting of Nigel Farage.   

Now, with the help of candidates like Hopkins, the party that helped to bring about Brexit seems to have turned its sights on broadening its message and getting back into the ring. 

Katie Hopkins permanently removed from Twitter | Katie Hopkins | The  Guardian
Katie Hopkins is first on the list as a UKIP candidate in the GLA

“Whilst the government continue to bungle the handling of the pandemic and crash the UK’s economy, UKIP have been busy putting together their candidates to fight elections across the UK – including the Greater London Assembly elections – and offer up a real alternative to Labour and the Lib Dems – parties that are both obsessed appeasing a politically correct centre ground” UKIP said in a statement. 

“UKIP’s candidates are real people wanting to represent real people; a concept lost on the political class of today”.  


In order, UKIP’s lead candidates are:  

Hopkins, Dr Peter Gammons, and UKIP stalwart Elizabeth Jones.  

“Decent Londoners need a voice” said Hopkins. “They don’t need more bike lanes, bonkers culture projects or Sadiq Khan’s endless spending on self-promotion. Nor do they want to see their NYE fireworks politicised. I will use my voice to help the London Mayor prioritise; transport that makes sense, police that make a difference, and a Capital that makes us ALL proud”.  


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