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BREAKING: Trump To Launch His Own Social Media Platform To Compete With Twitter



FORMER President Donald Trump will be returning to social media within two to three months – but this time on his own platform that is expected to attract millions of users.

Trump has previously been in talks with controversial platform Parler, with the social media company allegedly offering a huge chunk of the business to the Republican. Yet it has now been confirmed that the former President will be launching his own – potentially highly influential site within months.

Twitter, Facebook remove 'racist baby' video posted by Trump
Trump was a prolific user of social media during his time as President

It will “completely redefine the game,” his top adviser, Jason miller, said today.

“I do think we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here with his own platform,” Miller said. “This is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media.”

“It’s going to completely redefine the game, and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does, but it will be his own platform,” Miller said.

Miller wouldn’t go into detail about the new platform but said the former president has been holding “a lot of high-powered meetings” at his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort and that “numerous companies” are interested in helping to get it off the ground.

Donald was removed from Twitter after spreading false information

Both Titter and Facebook banned Trump from their platforms in January after he consistently posted false information, and just days after a mob of his supporters, including from the bizarre yet dangerous conspiracy group Qanon, stormed the Capitol building following unsubstantiated claims of widespread vote fraud.

The announcement has delighted many of his fans, yet raises concerns over how the new platform will be moderated, and whether or not it will become a breeding ground for conspiracy theories.

Either way, the platform is likely to become an instant success, and not only a political campaigning tool for Trump himself, but a new source of income for the controversial former President, who is currently in millions of dollars of debt.



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