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BUSTED: Sue Gray Lobbied Against Tories While in Secret Talks With Starmer



SUE Gray actively lobbied to try to block Rishi Sunak’s policies while in secret talks to join Labour, government insiders have told The Sun newspaper.

The partygate inquisitor objected to the PM vetoing Scotland’s new trans law, which are set to make it easier for over 16s to change their sex on their birth certificate.

The proposition sparked a furious political row, with women’s rights campaigners warning it would mean biologically male prisoners being present in female prisons, posing a potential risk to biologically female inmates.

Government insiders now claim Ms Gray actively tried to kill off the plan behind the scenes in late December, further displaying her role as a ‘pro-Labour, anti-Tory activist’.

A source told The Sun that Gray directly contacted political advisers to lobby against the move, at the same time that she was in talks with Labour to become Sir Keir Starmer’s chief of staff.


A Government insider said: “We know the use of Section 35 embarrassed Sir Keir Starmer by highlighting Scottish Labour’s support of putting men in women’s prisons.

“Given Sue had already lined up her Labour job, was she already working for him in the heart of Government and seeking to save his blushes?”

Ms Gray’s move to work for Sir Keir is on hold while it is probed by Whitehall appointments watchdog ACOBA, who are expected to announce their decision in the coming weeks.

If the decision goes against Gray, she could be barred from taking up her new job until after the next election.

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