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LABOUR Councillor Appears In Court Charged With Child Sex Offences

A LABOUR Councillor from Cumbria has pleaded not guilty to two charges relating to alleged child sex offences.

William Kirkbride, 57, has been charged with arranging or facilitating the commission of a child sex offence, and trying to communicate sexually with a child he was said to have thought was 14 “for the purpose of obtaining sexual gratification”.

Kirkbride, who was suspended by the Labour Party upon the allegations being revealed, denies both charges and is due to stand trial in May 2022.

William James Kirkbride
WIlliam Kirkbride leaving court after denying both charges

Yesterday, however, a pretrial hearing resulted in Mr Kirkbride, who represented the Harbour ward on Copeland Borough Council, being granted bail.

Judge Nicholas Barker ruled he must not have any unsupervised contact with any child under 18 and must not use the internet to communicate with anyone aged under 18.

VoteWatch will update in due course.

LABOUR Councillor Arrested Over Alleged Drug Offence – Now Faces Extradition To USA

A LABOUR Councillor from Doncaster has appeared in Westminster Magistrates’ Court after being arrested by the Met Police for alleged drug offences.

27-year-old Daniel Barwell, who has since been suspended by the Labour Party, was remanded in custody after appearing in the dock for the commencement of extradition proceedings against him.

Police have confirmed that his arrest came about as the result of “the distribution of a controlled drug on a warrant issued at the request of the United States authorities”.

Little detail has so far been forthcoming as to the full nature of the allegations against the Councillor, who has previously spoken about his past drug addiction on social media.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “On Wednesday, February 2, in the Doncaster area, officers from the National Extradition Unit arrested a man wanted in the United States for an offence relating to the distribution of a controlled drug on a warrant issued at the request of the United States authorities.

“Daniel Barwell, aged 27 of Shaftesbury Avenue, Doncaster, appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, February 3, for the commencement of extradition proceedings against him.”

VoteWatch will provide an update in due course.

EXCLUSIVE: Three Labour Councillors Suspended In John McDonnell’s Constituency

THREE Labour Councillors from Hillingdon, London, have been suspended whilst an investigation is carried out into allegations relating to their conduct.

Councillors Mohinder Birah and Jagjit Singh, who both represent Yeading ward, and Councillor Jas Dhot of Barnhill ward, were all absent from last week’s council meeting following the Labour Party’s hushed decision, and are currently sitting as independents.

Hillingdon Council discriminated against Travellers with housing policy –  says High Court judge | Travellers Times
The three councillors were absent from last week’s council meeting

Mystery currently surrounds the exact circumstances surrounding the suspension of the duo, with council insiders simply telling VoteWatch that the matter relates to their conduct online.

A Labour Spokesperson told VoteWatch: “We can confirm that the three councillors have had the whip removed”.

We will provide an update shortly.

EXCLUSIVE: Islamist Who Took Hostages In Texas Synagogue Was Active Labour Party Campaigner And Close Relative Of Labour Councillor

VOTEWATCH can exclusively reveal that the British Islamist shot dead after taking hostages in a synagogue in Texas was an active member of the Labour Party in Blackburn, and a close relative of Blackburn Labour Councillor Mohammed Irfan.

Malik Faisal Akram, 44, was shot and killed by FBI agents after a 10 hour standoff inside the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas on Saturday night.

The Islamist gunman, a citizen of Blackburn in the UK, had initially taken four people hostage, including the rabbi. Thankfully, none of the hostages were harmed.

Face of British hostage taker Malik Faisal Akram [Family statement] - P.M.  News
Terrorist: Malik Faisal Akram

On Sunday, US President Joe Biden said Malik had used street-purchased weapons to carry out “an act of terror” on American soil.

“I don’t have all the facts, nor does the attorney general” President Biden said, “but allegedly the assertion was he got the weapons on the street.

“He purchased them when he landed and it turns out there apparently were no bombs that we know of … Apparently he spent the first night in a homeless shelter. I don’t have all the details yet so I’m reluctant to go into much more detail.”

Who was Malik Faisal Akram?
Malik was shot dead after a 10 hour standoff with the FBI

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) later announced that officers from Counter Terror Policing North West had made two arrests in south Manchester on Sunday evening.

They said the two teenagers, whose ages and genders they did not immediately confirm, remain in custody for questioning.

Malik’s family have said that he was “religious but peaceful and tolerant”, and had served as the president of Raza Masjid, an Islamic centre in Blackburn.

However, Malik is now known to have had a serious criminal history.

VoteWatch has confirmed that Malik and several of his family members were active in the local Labour Party branch, and that his close relative, Mohammed Irfan, is a sitting Labour Councillor on Blackburn council.

The gunman was a close relative of a Labour Councillor currently sitting on Blackburn Council

Pakistani-based television network have also now confirmed Malik’s relation to the local Labour party and to Cllr Irfan:

“A local source said that Faisal took part in demonstrations for the freedom of Palestine and took part in protests for the release of Muslims prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

“As soon as the news emerged of Faisal’s involvement in the hostage-taking, the local Blackburn council issued a request to all local councillors not to speak to media.”

“Malik Akram and members of his family actively participate in local politics and one of their close relatives Mohammed Irfan is a Labour party councillor. According to the locals who spoke to this correspondent, Malik Akram and his family got along with others.”

A former local Labour activist from Blackburn told VoteWatch: “Malik was very active in the community – a very well known person here. Although I would never have predicted he’d get involved in something like this, there is a big problem in the local [Labour] branch with antisemitism, and within the community in general. This hate needs to end.”

Labour-run Blackburn Council has been the focus of many VoteWatch investigations over the past 12 months, due to an abnormal number of political scandals involving its Labour councillors and activists.

These scandals have included antisemitism, bullying, intimidation, and an investigation carried out by the local police force into allegations of fraud.

Speaking to VoteWatch, a spokesperson from the the Blackburn Conservative Association said:

“We are naturally disturbed and horrified that the terrorist atrocity committed in Texas USA by a man from Blackburn and send our condolences and prayers to the hostages in Texas.

“However it is no surprise that the rise of Anti-semitism within the local Labour Party continues. Andy Kay, Jan Virmani, Tasleen Fazal, and the inaction by BWDBC [Blackburn and Darwin Borough Council] and The Labour Party to address this serious issue within communities possibly may have resulted in the radicalisation of this man locally.

“We would urge the local authority and The Labour Party to take immediate decisive action against anti-Semitic politicians and community leaders within our town.”

LABOUR Councillor Suspended For Saying Keir Starmer ‘Follows Commands From Israel’

A LABOUR Councillor from Lancashire has been suspended from the party over comments he made in reply to a tweet about Jeremy Corbyn, in which he claimed leader Keir Starmer takes orders from the state of Israel.

Ron Cooper, who represents the Tanhouse ward on West Lancashire Borough Council, is now sitting as an independent after being heavily criticised over the post on social media.

Cooper was replying to a member of the public who tweeted: “If Corbyn were to be leader of Labour again, would you still say we should unite around our leader to get the Tories out?”

The Councillor responded “if Corbyn was Labour leader again then hundreds of thousands of members would rejoin the party. Keir Starmer stands for nothing but #purge of socialists and following commands from Israel.”

Mr Cooper declined to comment.

LABOUR Councillor Who Stalked Hooker And Set Fire To Brothel Given SUSPENDED Sentence

IN yet another demonstration of how the British ‘justice’ systems persistently fails to deliver any justice at all, a Labour Councillor who embarked on a campaign of terror against a prostitute has been spared jail time.

Keith Moore, who has since stood down from his seats on Goole and East Riding councils, was also a senior member of the board of North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation trust.

The town councillor, community volunteer and family man who had dangerous  obsession with escort - Hull Live
Keith Moore has been handed a two year suspended sentence

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Moore began visiting a prostitute from a massage Parlour in Hull – becoming ‘obsessed’ with the woman to the point that he demanded she stop seeing other clients.

When realising that his prized prostitute was continuing to meet other punters, Moore, 75, sent her relentless threatening messages before pouring bottles of a highly flammable substance in the doorway of her place of employment.  

Yelling to her down the phone ‘Did you like the parcel I left in your doorway?’, Moore then set the facade of the building ablaze before fleeing the scene and making further violent threats to the terrified woman.

CCTV footage captured Moore, hiding under a hoodie, setting fire to Discretion Massage parlour in Hull

Police arrested the disgraced Councillor in October 2021 – adding his name to the many Labour politicians who were either arrested, convicted, or suspended last year alone.

This rogue’s gallery includes MP Claudia Webbe, who shockingly also dodged jail time, despite being found guilty of sending threatening messages to a friend of her partner, and saying that her victim should be attacked with acid.

Despite Mr Moore’s victim now suffering panic attacks and insomnia, Britain’s backward justice system remained true to form – with soft words of condemnation uttered by the judge before the former Councillor was given a suspended sentence.

The man sprayed two cars with black spray paint on one visit
Cars were also vandalised outside the brothel during the same period, and the owner sent death threats

Making her ruling in court yesterday, 16th January, Judge Sophie McKone said: ‘You became jealous that the complainant you paid for sexual services had other clients.

‘You became obsessed with her and your jealousy and obsession was such that you began a campaign against her and her business to stop her doing her job.

‘The fact that it was an anonymous campaign makes it more sinister because the complainant did not know where it was coming from.’

Moore was sentenced to 250 hours’ unpaid work and ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to his victim. 

LABOUR Expels ANOTHER Prominent Councillor For Antisemitism

ANOTHER day, another Labour scandal – with Wirral Councillor Jo Bird being expelled following a two-month-long investigation into her conduct.

Cllr Bird received notice from the national party in September, informing her that she may face ‘auto expulsion’ over her connection with ‘Labour Against The Witchhunt’ – a growing campaign group accused of downplaying antisemitism within the party.

In a series of speeches at one of the proscribed group’s meetings, Bird gave her support to members who had been expelled, before writing that claims of antisemitism were taken more seriously by Labour than other forms of racism.

Wirral's newest councillor pledges to campaign for affordable homes for New  Ferry after election win | Wirral Globe
Cllr Bird has been permanently expelled from the Labour Party

Bird also appeared to compare herself and similar activists to the victims of the Holocaust, rewriting a famous poem about Nazi persecution to say, “They came for the anti-zionists, and I stood up because I was not a target, I stood up in solidarity. And then they came for the socialists but they couldn’t get us because we were having a party, the Labour Party.”

Bird later apologised over her characterisation of the party’s inquiry process, saying, “I am sorry for any offence caused by my play on words. That was not my intention.”

Attacking the expulsion of activist Marc Wadsworth, however, Bird shockingly wrote that “due process” should be known as “Jew process” – a comment that led to her initial investigation.

Under Keir Starmer, the Labour Party is desperately trying to improve its image following the EHRC’s damning report on their widespread bigotry and racism.

Cllr Bird with expelled former Labour MP Chris Williamson

To help achieve this, the affiliation of members with numerous groups has been banned.

Alongside LATW, those other groups affected include the Labour In Exile Network (LIEN), and Resist, founded by ex MP Chris Williamson.

A fourth group, the militant ‘Socialist Appeal’ were proscribed for their support for Marxism and ‘extreme’ ideologies. 

The Labour Party has issued a series of notifications threatening auto expulsion, including to Leah Levane, co-chair of JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour), over her involvement with the LEIN group.

Today, Cllr Bird was informed that Labour had indeed decided to permanently expel her from the party.

Taking to Twitter, Bird branded her former party as ‘racist’, saying:

Jo Bird will now sit as an independent on Wirral council – one of an ever-growing number of disgraced former Labour politicians from across the country to do so this year.

LABOUR Council Leader Charged With Electoral Fraud – MP Charlotte Nichols ‘Also Implicated’

A LABOUR Council Leader caught-up in the scandal surrounding MP Charlotte Nichols’ alleged electoral fraud, has been charged with falsifying nomination papers.

Earlier this year, Cheshire Constabulary received information relating to the Warrington local council elections 2021 – after having already decided to seek to prosecute MP Charlotte Nichols for a similar alleged offence during the 2019 General Election.

“Detectives launched an investigation into the matter and, following advice received from the CPS, a number of charges have now been authorised” police confirmed.

BEER BUDS: MP Charlotte Nichols with Council Leader Russell Bowden

“Russell Bowden has been charged with one count of providing a false statement in nomination papers (contrary to Section 65A of the Representation of the People Act 1983) and three counts of providing false information to a registration officer (contrary to section 13D of the Representation of the People Act 1983).”

The news comes after VoteWatch exclusively revealed that Bowden’s close friend and colleague, Labour MP Charlotte Nichols also lied about her place of residence at the time of applying to be a Parliamentary candidate for Warrington North.

Council Leader Bowden worked extensively to get Miss Nichols elected in the 2019 election for Warrington North – even allowing her to falsely record her address as being inside the constituency.

Nichols stated on her nomination papers that she lived in Burtonwood, Warrington, with Cllr Bowden listed as her proposer

Lying on her ‘Statement of persons nominated’ for the election on December 12th, 2019, however, Nichols recorded her address as being in Burtonwood, Warrington – the home of Labour Deputy Council leader of Warrington, Cathy Mitchell. Nichols signed this legal document as being a truthful statement that she lived in Burtonwood, and the notice of nominations was then published on 14th November, 2019.

The truth, however, is that MP Charlotte Nichols didn’t live in Warrington at all, but at the time had only stayed in the area on a temporary basis whilst campaigning. In fact, MP Nichols recorded elsewhere that at the time of her nomination papers being completed, and even during her campaign, she still lived in her 2 bed flat 180 miles away in Islington, London.

As VoteWatch has now verified via the electoral roll and the Land Registry database, Nichols had not only lived in the 2 bed apartment on Canonbury Road, in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency, for at least a year, but continued to live there during her campaign – even ordering her election leaflets to that very same address.

The dates on these invoices to her home address in Islington are the 13th November, 2019, and the 20th – both AFTER she falsely recorded on her nomination papers that she lived in Warrington.

Nicols’ campaign expenses contain the above invoices, recording her address as being in Islington

Purchasing campaign literature from printing firm ‘LeafletFrog’, Nichols recorded her address as being the flat in Islington, and had the election leaflets sent there on at least two occasions during her campaign.

Should Nichols have truly been living permanently in Warrington as she stated on her nomination papers, it is beyond any logic or reasoning as to why she would order campaign literature intended for use in Warrington, to her address 180 miles away in Islington, if not for the fact that she lived there.

Furthermore, VoteWatch has verified that receipts submitted by Nichols herself as part of her election expenses clearly show her as having rented an Air B&B in Warrington on 15th November, 2019 – once again AFTER she signed a legal document claiming she lived in Warrington North.

Another invoice submitted by Nichols as part of her election expenses was for the renting of an AirBnB for 3 nights in Warrington

Police initially confirmed that they had launched an investigation, with full details not provided, and the story being completely absent from the mainstream media.

Shockingly, after a copy of the letter sent by Cheshire Police to one of the complainants was forwarded to VoteWatch, we can now confirm that Police will be taking no further action, with the constabulary citing their intention to prosecute, but giving the reason not to do so as being that they ran out of time.

Waiting until the very last hour, the letter references the Coronavirus pandemic as a contributing factor/excuse for not wishing to prosecute, saying that they had gathered a ‘large amount of material’, yet that their investigation ‘had to be balanced against the backdrop of the COVID pandemic and the disruption this caused to both policing and the wider public.’

They also confirmed that, having a large volume of evidence, they had applied to extend the time limit to conclude their investigation, to help them form a stronger case to prosecute Nichols and the Council leader of Warrington Council, Russell Bowden, who (along with the Deputy leader whom Nichols claimed to have been living with) had signed Nichols’ papers as a nominee. Yet their request was shockingly rejected by a Judge at Warrington Magistrates Court.

“Cheshire Constabulary has considered appealing this decision, however having sought legal advice, an appeal is likely to be unsuccessful”, the Police force confirmed.

A further FOI submitted by VoteWatch revealed that, during the entire election period Nichols claimed to have been living full-time in Warrington, and up to as late as March 2020, she only ever bought return tickets from London to Warrington; all purchased from London, and not Warrington North.

VoteWatch unearthed dozens of return tickets purchased by Nichols during and after the election – all returns to London

This year, a Labour Councillor, Chaudhary Mohammed Iqbal was jailed for 17 months after committing the exact same crime as MP Nichols and Councillor Bowden are alleged to have committed – lying about his address on his nomination papers to help win his seat.

Council Leader Bowden is set to appear at Crewe Magistrates’ Court on Friday 31st December, 2021.

Throughout our investigation, Warrington Borough council has refused to comment or provide any requested information.

LABOUR Allow Antisemitic Councillor To Return – But MORE Anti-Jewish Posts Unearthed

A Labour Councillor who called Jews ‘murderers’ and claimed Israel created ISIS, has been readmitted into the party, and continues to share anti-Jewish comments online, VoteWatch can exclusively reveal.

Councillor Tasleem Fazal from Blackburn and Darwen Council was suspended in 2020 after a video emerged on social media in which he was heard hurling a barrage of abuse at Jewish protestors.

Blackburn with Darwen Council 2018 election: Full results | Lancashire  Telegraph
Cllr Tasleem Fazel (second from left) was suspended for antisemitism

Posted by the now deactivated account “CH Tassy Fazal”, Fazal is recorded yelling at a group of demonstrators holding Israeli flags and “peace for Israel and Gaza” signs, calling them “murderers, murderers, murderers… you’re all murderers”.

The video also recorded Cllr Fazal claiming that ISIS had been created by Zionists.

However, an email written by Council leader Mohammed Khan, and subsequently leaked to VoteWatch, confirms that Cllr Fazal has now been quietly readmitted into the party – despite Sir Keir Starmer claiming to be taking a strong stance against antisemitism.

VoteWatch previously revealed that Mr Khan was evidently a supporter of the disgraced Councillor, and had been actively ignoring Fazal’s suspension from the Labour Party.

In a letter written by a group referring to themselves as ‘Blackburn Labour Muslim Councillors’, Blackburn’s leader and a string of Labour councillors clearly refer to Mr Fazal as a sitting ‘LABOUR Councillor’, and even allow him to sign the letter in an attempt to pressure parliament into condemning Israel.

During his now-lifted suspension, it appears that Cllr Fazal spent much of his time using his social media platforms to continue attacking Israel, including promoting posts that use antisemitic tropes claiming Israel are the ‘masters’ of America, and pondering over whether the very existence of Israel can be challenged through the courts.

The Labour Party in Blackburn has been the focus of numerous VoteWatch investigations, with scandals taking place almost on a monthly basis.

In May, another Blackburn Labour Councillor was suspended after spreading antisemitic conspiracy theories, including that Israelis were ‘kidnapping children and harvesting their organs’.

Just months before, the city’s Labour mayor, Iftakhar Hussain, resigned after being caught breaking lockdown laws to attend a wedding party. And months later, a well-respected female councillor, Saima Afzal, left the party after accusing colleagues of engaging in a campaign of sexism and harassment against her.

In July, VoteWatch exclusively released footage showing Blackburn Labour Councillor Mafooz Hussain telling a Covid volunteer to ‘fuck off’, before later revealing that Council leader Mohammed Khan, whose council was placed under police investigation over alleged corruption, had referred to Conservative politicians and their supporters as ‘dirty, lying b*stards’.

Speaking to VoteWatch, a spokesperson for Blackburn Conservatives said:

“Blackburn Conservatives condemn all forms of extreme hate ideologies. Despite his suspension, Cllr Fazal continues with his hateful antisemitic ideology.

“It is deplorable that Blackburn Labour Party have taken him back.

“We would like to ask why the Labour Party continue to stand him despite his recent online antisemitic comments.”

GUILTY: Labour’s Claudia Webbe Convicted Over Harassment, Acid Threat, And Threat To Send Naked Images To CHILDREN

MP Claudia Webbe, who continues to campaign for the Labour Party despite being suspended, has today been found guilty of issuing disturbing violent threats and making abusive phone calls to another woman.

Appearing in Westminster Magistrates’ court, Webbe, 56, was described as having been ‘obsessed’ and paranoid over the friendship between her boyfriend and victim Michelle Merritt.

Not only did Webbe threaten to attack Ms Merritt with acid, but the Leicester MP also threatened to reveal naked photographs and videos she supposedly had of Merritt to her family – including directly threatening to send the images to her children.

Suspended Labour MP Claudia Webbe facing jail after being found guilty of  harassing woman - Mirror Online
Webbe attended court with her partne

Susannah Stevens, prosecuting, said: “The reason for the harassment appeared to be the fact that Ms Merritt was friends with Lester Thomas and this was an issue for the defendant, Ms Webbe.

“The harassment initially took the form of telephone calls that were made by Ms Webbe to Ms Merritt.”

Made from a withheld number, the calls were silent and of a short duration, the court was told. They tended to occur when Merritt was with Thomas.

Stevens said: “When [Merritt] answered the call, the person on the other end would not respond and would then hang up.”

In October 2018 , Merritt received a call from a number that could be seen. She put the number into the search engine Google, and discovered it belonged to Webbe, the court was told.

“She saw this because the number was available on the internet because Claudia Webbe is a Labour MP and the phone number appears on Labour literature and also a Leicester council website.”

ANDREW PIERCE: Claudia Webbe casts her net wide with second role | Daily  Mail Online

A friend of Merritt asked Webbe to refrain from making calls, but on 31 March 2019, the harassment escalated, the court was told, when she spoke to Merritt.

“Indeed, the crown say that Claudia Webbe was in such a state during this call that not only did she query the nature of the contact and refuse to accept that Ms Merritt and Lester Thomas were just friends. She then went on to say that Ms Merritt was a ‘slag’ and she should ‘be acid’,” Stevens said.

“The defendant further threatened Ms Merritt that naked photographs and videos of her would be sent to Ms Merritt’s children.

“The court will hear that Michelle was, perhaps not surprisingly, caused considerable distress by this call,” Stevens said.

“MP Claudia Webbe has been convicted of harassment after the Crown Prosecution Service showed she made a number of obsessive nuisance calls to a woman over an 18-month period” a statement released today by the CPS begins.

Webbe will be sentenced in November

“Webbe, 56, was found guilty of harassment today (13 October) after Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard evidence she made numerous short, silent telephone calls from a withheld number, before hanging up.

“In March 2019 Webbe spoke to her victim, threatened to use acid against her, and threatened that naked photographs and videos of the victim would be shared. There is no suggestion the images were real.

“Despite being asked to stop by police she continued, making at least 15 further calls after April 2019. 

“A final threatening call in April 2020 was recorded by the victim when Webbe again made the threat to release naked images, prompting police to interview her.

“Specialist Prosecutor Lisa Rose of the CPS Special Crime Division, said: “Claudia Webbe’s persistent nuisance behaviour caused considerable distress and alarm to her victim who became genuinely concerned for her safety.

“Webbe told police she did not appreciate the calls were unwanted or causing distress. However the prosecution case was that the police had issued her with a clear warning about her conduct.

“No-one should have to endure this sort of harassment. We are determined to bring perpetrators to justice and help protect victims.”

Webbe will face sentencing in November.