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Over the years, VoteWatch has provided a valuable service – exposing political corruption, criminality, racism, and publishing exclusive news and interviews covering issues important to the British public.

As well as campaigning for electoral reform, VoteWatch’s articles and investigations have helped shed light on the many scandals within British politics, and in some cases even led to the suspension or arrest of politicians.

After a short break, we’re back – and we’re going to be bigger than ever.

Britain is in a state of intense political turmoil, with millions left disillusioned and betrayed. Moving forward, we aim to continue contributing towards a restoration of a fair and just political system.

With many plans and investigations in the pipeline, we’ll be producing weekly reports and articles, with our website being redesigned and relaunched in December.

Bigger and bolder, VoteWatch won’t be holding any punches.

In the meantime, check out the content on our site to see the many intriguing and important scandals we’ve revealed so far… and watch this space.