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CONCERNS Raised As Record Number Of Postal Votes Issued – Tories Predicted To Lose Over 500 Seats In Local Elections



MANY cities across the UK are experiencing an unprecedented number of postal votes being issued, leading to growing concerns over potential electoral fraud.

Dubbed ‘Super Thursday’, next month’s local and mayoral elections will see millions of Brits head to their local polling station to cast their vote for their chosen parties and candidates – yet many have now chosen to do so not by poll, but by postbox.

Mainly due to the Coronavirus pandemic, people are signing up for postal votes in their droves – the least secure method of voting, and a method which has long been exploited by Britain’s ballot burglars to undermine democracy.

Help investigate & expose LABOUR & ELECTORAL FRAUD - a Community  crowdfunding project in United Kingdom by VoteWatch
VoteWatch broke the story that Labour were using convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood to help win seats in local and Parliamentary elections

In Scotland alone, provisional figures show that around 1.01 million voters (almost a quarter of the electorate) have registered to vote by post for their new parliament – the highest number ever registered.

A similar trend is sweeping across the rest of the United kingdom, with towns and cities reporting unprecedented numbers of postal votes being issued.

In the city of Peterborough, which has seen no less than two mayors sent to prison for postal vote fraud, the number is also rising dramatically, with a increase of over 40% compared to the last set of local elections.


Local residents of Peterborough are reportedly concerned, after VoteWatch revealed in 2019 that not only had its former Labour MP, Lisa Forbes, used a convicted vote-rigger to help win her seat, but that a large number of Labour councillors, including the leader of Labour’s Peterborough group, had also used the same criminal to help in the running of their campaigns.

Boris Johnson ordered to publish secret no-deal Brexit plans to suspend  parliament | Business Insider India
Boris Johnson has said that his party doesn’t have the resources to halt Labour’s advances

The worrying news has alarmed senior Tories and local branches, adding to the threat posed by the absence of unpopular Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and the fact that many Labour voters who ‘lent’ their vote to the Conservatives in 2019 are now considered less likely to do so in May.

Many of the council seats won by Tories during the last set of local elections were found to have been heavily aided by disgruntled working class Labour voters who opposed far-left Jeremy Corbyn.

As a result, leading pundits predict that the Conservative party will lose around 500 seats across the UK.

“Right now, Labour are able to commit more money, more activists, more staff and more advertising in the areas that matter most” says PM Boris Johnson. “And alarmingly this pattern is not isolated to next month’s elections. They are in fact relentlessly targeting our new MPs to wipe out our majority.

“And the hard reality is that, because these MPs hold seats we haven’t held in generations, they simply don’t have the local campaign resources needed to halt Labour’s advances.”



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