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Councillors in Labour-Run Birmingham Writing ‘Sham’ Character References for Drug Dealers and Violent Thugs, Judge Rants



A JUDGE presiding over a case in Birmingham has slammed local Councillors in the Labour-controlled borough for providing ‘references for votes’, trying to reduce the sentences of violent miscreants and drug dealers with glowing character references despite never meeting the criminals they’re writing about. 

Crown court judge Richard Bond criticised city politicians for penning glowing testimonies for convicted criminals without knowing them personally or being aware of what they had done.

He stated the practice happened ‘all of the time’. It came as violent robber Brandon Hayden was sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Wednesday for strangling a woman after breaking into her home in Hodge Hill.

Hayden’s defence attorney, Zaheer Afzal, said Hayden’s employer had given a favourable character reference on his work ethic during a discussion over whether the case should be postponed to adequately examine the 24-year-old’s “dangerousness”. Judge Bond, however, questioned its worth in light of the seriousness of the crime and the defendant’s prior criminal history, which included cutting a victim across the face and possessing an imitation shotgun.

Going on to speak generally, the judge said: “The prime example I keep getting are letters from councillors from various wards in Birmingham who have known the family for years and years saying what a lovely person he is, ‘he wouldn’t harm a fly’.


“They have no idea who the offender is and that they have an offending history as long as your arm for drug dealing, guns. It happens all of the time.”

In response Mr Afzal acknowledged he was aware of the practice and implied it was done ‘for votes’.


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