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COVID Passports In Development, Leaked Civil Service Job Ad Confirms



CONTROVERSIAL plans to introduce ‘Covid passports’ are being given the green light, with job advertisements published by the Civil Service seeking to recruit developers.

In one of the job adverts found by the well-respected ‘Guido Fawkes’, the internal ad states that the government are “developing both digital and non-digital options to enable UK residents to assert their Covid status, including both vaccination history and test results.”

The ads have sprung up on NHSX in London and Leeds, and state that successful applicants will “start with us by Tuesday, 4th May 2021.” 

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Covid passports could be required in pubs and supermarkets

The salary for the positions is listed as being £49,529 – £62,286, with the length of employment being 6 months.

As Guido points out, ‘The consultation document released by the government a fortnight ago merely said they had “committed to explore whether and how COVID-status certification might be used to reopen our economy”.’

The advert reads as follows:


“The prime Minister announced on 22nd February the road map to ease restrictions across England and provide a route back to a more normal way of life.

“To support this, we are developing solutions that will prove people’s vaccine and test status in order to allow the reopening of the economy and international travel.

“NHSX is developing both digital and non-digital options to enable UK residents to assert their Covid status, inclduing both vaccination history and test results.”

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Covid documentation has led to large queues and waiting times in airports such as Heathrow

Meanwhile, the Government has confirmed that plans are underway to link a passenger’s Covid documentation to their passport to stop long queues at the UK border.

While the concept of ‘Covid passports’ has been welcomed by most, a huge number of concerned citizens and politicians have raised concerns over such passports being discriminatory – essentially forcing people who don’t wish to be vaccinated to get a jab in order to have access to everyday facilities such as shops and supermarkets.

Prime minister Boris Johnson is expected to hold a press conference later this afternoon.



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