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DEAR Priti Patel: Stop Talking, And Start Protecting Britain From The Far-Left



POLICE officers with broken ribs. Buildings vandalised. Vehicles in flames. Stolen riot gear waved invincibly at powerless so-called enforcers of the law. Those were just some of the terrifying scenes from yesterday’s riot in Bristol. Today, VoteWatch joins millions of Brits in asking home secretary Priti Patel one simple question: What are YOU finally going to do about it?

As Home Secretary, Tory MP Priti Patel has undoubtedly shown her mettle in many areas. She is helping to secure Britain’s borders by cracking down on illegal migrant crossings. She has implemented a long overdue points-based immigration system and championed a tougher stance on knife crime.

And yet, our respected Home Secretary, and indeed her Conservative colleagues in Westminster, are failing woefully in tackling an issue that could one day very well spell the end of England as we know it.

The elephant in the room has been standing there for all to see for almost a decade; stomping its feet louder and louder, and yet – to the utter frustration of the majority suffering its presence – around it, Patel’s mettle is consistently traded for ear muffs.

Far-left violent protestors celebrate as a police car burns in Bristol

It is a sad and sobering fact: If a Conservative government – particularly THIS Conservative government – is too afraid to stand up to the growing threat posed by far-left extremism, then it is likely that no government ever shall.

How can it possibly be just that far-right violence should rightly be condemned, yet far-left violence tolerated?


When did far-left extremism become such a taboo; so protected by political correctness and an overwhelming fear held by politicians of losing votes should they take action against it?

It is evident that the Horseshoe Theory is far more than a mere academic folly. This theory asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear political continuum, closely resemble one another. In layman’s terms, Antifa and the BLM Marxist mobs destroying our statues, terrorising our streets and attacking our people; and the far-right Carling-guzzling hate-filled fascists of not-so-long-ago, are two sides of the same coin. And yet they are both treated as completely different currency.

Antifa are renowned for their brutality, harassment, and acts of domestic terrorism

From the 1970s up until the mid-90s, left-wing terrorism was rife in both the US and UK. It was acknowledged. It was dealt with. And eventually, it was beaten back – widely removed from everyday life for, sadly, right-wing and Islamic extremism to slither into the void it left behind.

Yet now it has undoubtedly returned. And in this new age of social media, it is bigger and badder than ever – a Voldemort back from a grave in which it had never truly rested.

EDL yobs have been replaced by left-wing fascists parading as anti-fascists; the Carling swapped for soy lattes; shaved heads and vests for pink-dyed mops and knitted jumpers from Primark.


Genuine hate speech online, on the streets, and even on live television, is not only tolerated but openly encouraged. Anti-white racism, the demonising of British culture and identity, and the brainwashing of our children to oppose patriotism, have now become the norm. And all this while the sensible voice and concerns of the majority continues to be silenced – punished by an angst-ridden authority pandering to an ever-growing minority who (sometimes unintentionally, sometimes not) confuse ‘hate speech’ with speech they hate.

A police officer lays injured after being attacked by BLM thugs in London

During the Tony Blair years, this once great nation was labelled as ‘broken Britain’. Now, as should have been foreseen all those years ago, Britain is not only broken, it is backward.

Priti Patel has the power to fix things. As Home Secretary, she can proscribe Antifa as a domestic terrorist threat or extremist group. She can ban these balaclava-wearing nerdy thugs from our streets for good. She can also crackdown on divisive hate-filled Marxist movements such as Black Lives Matter, and instruct detectives to unforgivingly pursue and prosecute vandals based on riot videos and images online – just as America is successfully doing to punish many of the cretins caught on camera during the storming of the Capitol Building.

But she isn’t doing any of those things.

How far does such fanaticism need to go before our Home Secretary takes action? How much more damage to British cities and towns, to our safety, our livelihoods, our culture, and to society itself must we endure? How many more Bristols and broken ribs must there be before a British government at least finally acknowledges what is happening?

As the chaos ensued in Bristol, Patel took to Twitter to condemn the violence, saying: “Unacceptable scenes in Bristol tonight. Thuggery and disorder by a minority will never be tolerated. Our police officers put themselves in harm’s way to protect us all. My thoughts this evening are with those police officers injured.”


But as with Islamic terrorism being met with lit candles and promises of crackdowns, Britain’s safety and future prosperity can not be bought with hollow words, ineffective gestures, or substance-absent soundbites. Quite simply, our Tory government needs to repay the trust placed in it by the electorate, and Priti Patel must stop talking and start acting.

Meanwhile, fires burn without our leaders so much as bothering to lift a bucket. And day by day, until our Home Secretary finally wakes up and takes action, that elephant in the room not only grows emboldened, but morphs into a mammoth.


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