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Ethics policy

The maintenance of high editorial standards is at the core of VoteWatch’s philosophy.

Our journalists work according to The Editors’ Code of Practice, which sets the benchmark for ethical standards in journalism.

With a dangerous and rapid growth in online conspiracy theories and disinformation, VoteWatch seeks to provide accurate and reliable reporting and a trustworthy platform to fact-check other political claims and viral reports.

Verification and fact checking

We expect our staff to use their best endeavours to verify the stories being put forward for publication, and each article shall pass through at least two people to be edited and fact-checked. If there are any doubts, it does not get published.

Unnamed sources

Journalists have an obligation to protect their sources, but we also have a duty to establish that the sources we use are reliable and that material has been appropriately obtained. Story provenance is ultimately the responsibility of the Editor.

When using unnamed sources, the company relies on the integrity, experience and professionalism of its staff.

Corrections policy

If you believe a story we have published is inaccurate, please contact the Editor:

Once verified, we will correct the story on the website as soon as possible. Where appropriate, the fact a correction has been made will be noted on the story.

If you have an issue about how VoteWatch has written about you personally or has treated you and wish to make a formal complaint please email us: