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EXCLUSIVE: Concerns Raised Over ‘First Amendment Breach’ After Ghislaine Maxwell Lawyer Silenced By Government



ACTING on behalf of the government, a District Judge has banned a prominent lawyer from speaking to the press about the ongoing trial of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Earlier this year, VoteWatch spoke to highly respected US lawyer David Oscar Markus, who has represented the interests of Ghislaine Maxwell during her ongoing legal battle.

NYC federal prosecutors slam op-ed comparing Ghislaine Maxwell to Bill  Cosby - New York Daily News
GAGGED: David Oscar Markus

To date, despite many claims made against her by Virginia Giuffre having now been discredited, and despite not having been found guilty of any crime, Maxwell remains in an infamous Brooklyn jail and has been refused requests to know the identity of her accusers – hindering the basic right to be able to form an informed defence.

“Ghislaine looks forward to her court appearance and moving this case forward” Mr Markus previously told VoteWatch. “To date, there has been a lot of talk but no actual evidence. I think that’s pretty telling.” 

However, upon contacting Markus for an update and receiving no reply, VoteWatch investigated further and discovered that the lawyer has suspiciously been silenced from talking to the press – despite lawyers representing the likes of Virginia Giuffre continuing to be allowed to push a one-sided, in some instances demonstrably false narrative in an apparent attempt to influence the ongoing trial.

The move raises concerns over a potential violation of the first amendment in America’s constitution, which states that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”.

David Oscar Markus’ full response can be read below.


Next week, VoteWatch will be releasing an analysis of the decision by US lawyers, who will also discuss its implications on free speech and America’s constitution.

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