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EXCLUSIVE: Labour Cll Leader Harassed Man For Objecting To Antisemitism – Tried To Have Him Sacked By Employer



A MAN with Jewish heritage was upset to find that the leader of Greenwich Council had tried to have him sacked from his job following his objection to antisemitic graffiti.

Tom Bright, a respected local resident and former Parliamentary candidate for The Brexit Party, became the target of Labour Council leader Danny Thorpe after speaking out against rising cases of anti-Jewish bigotry – even trying to have Bright disciplined, or even potentially dismissed by his employer.

Danny Thorpe trounces rival to stay as Greenwich Council leader – and has  new deputy – 853
Greenwich Council Leader Danny Thorpe

Bright had simply tweeted out his objection to antisemitic graffiti in the London borough, saying: “It’s absolutely disgraceful to see antisemitic graffiti in Greenwich. Let’s remember it’s run by Labour who are under investigation by the EHRC and many in Labour still refuse to acknowledge the IHRA definition of antisemitism.”

Shortly after – despite everything in his tweet being factual – Bright was stunned to find that his employer had been contacted by Labour council leader Danny Thorpe in a bid to punish him – clearly displeased with criticism and the right of his constituents to exercise freedom of speech.

“The Leader of Greenwich contacted my employer informally to make a complaint about his disagreements with social media comments” Bright told VoteWatch. “One complaint involved the fact that I raised the issue of Labour being investigated by EHRC – I’m of Jewish heritage.

“He first made a complaint about a tweet that I posted condemning antisemitic graffiti in Greenwich and referred to Greenwich being run by Labour and the EHRC report. I’ve made a complaint to the Labour Party but haven’t heard back despite being told they’re investigating.”

Erith and Thamesmead Election 2019 - Your candidates questioned | News  Shopper
Tom Bright was The Brexit Party’s 2019 Parliamentary candidate for Erith and Thamesmead

Mr Bright also registered a complaint with Greenwich council, only to find it fall on deaf ears and go dismissed. “The council seemed to have covered it up and LGO won’t investigate” he said.

Bright isn’t the only one to raise valid concerns relating to alleged harassment at the hands of Labour officials. Last week VoteWatch exclusively revealed that Oldham Council Leader Sean Fielding had been reported to the police by multiple constituents who accuse him of bullying behaviour and contacting their employers in an attempt to have them sacked.

“It has been a very upsetting experience to be a Greenwich resident who has been targeted and harassed by someone in public office who is entrusted by the public” Mr Bright added. “The council Leader is aware of my Jewish background. I feel deliberately targeted for condemning antisemitism within the local area and highlighting Labour Party antisemitism as well as generally holding the council to account.


“It’s also shocking and scary to see that the council Leader, with the apparent involvement of the Chief Executive and Director of Children’s services, has been attempting to censor a local resident’s social media comments, who he personally disagrees with, by making persistent and vexatious complaints to their employer.

“I think at the very least an apology is owed.”


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