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EXCLUSIVE: New £350-a-Day Aide & Best Mate Of Carrie Symonds Shared Racist Tweets & Called Brexiteers ‘SCUM’



BREXITEER PM Boris Johnson shouldn’t be happy over the appointment of his fiance’s best friend into a lucrative government aide role, after VoteWatch can reveal that she frequently posts tweets stereotyping white people and calls anyone who voted for Brexit ‘scum’.

The best friend of Boris Johnson’s fiancee Carrie Symonds was given an official paid role without it being advertised – landing her £350-a-day for around a mere two days’ work a month.

The Home Office announced in October that Nimco Ali had been made an adviser on tackling violence against women and girls, after the job role was questionably not advertised through any competitive application process.

Activist Nimco Ali who is close friends with Carrie Symonds says Boris  Johnson is a 'true feminist' - Internewscast
Nimco Ali is best friends with Carrie Symonds

The appointment has raised serious questions over fairness and cornyism, after the role was created for Miss Ali, a prominent anti-FGM campaigner who is godmother to Miss Symonds’ son with the Prime Minister.

Yet after investigating Miss Ali’s social media history, VoteWatch can exclusively reveal that not only does the outspoken activist seem to have a troubling problem with white people, but she also believes that Brexit is connected with racism and that people who support leaving the EU are ‘scum’.

In another post, Ali again singled-out and stereotyped white people – this time attacking youths protesting against racism; despite the group involved including many people of colour (even shown in the image accompanying her tweet).

VoteWatch has contacted The Home Office for comment.


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