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EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP For Peterborough Talks To VoteWatch After SEVEN Labour Councillors Suspended For Antisemitism



PAUL Bristow, MP for Peterborough has condemned antisemitism in the city, after fourteen Labour members, including seven sitting Councillors, were suspended today for sharing online Jew-hate and extremism.

Today, in a shocking turn of events, half of Labour’s sitting councillors on Peterborough City Council were dramatically suspended by the Labour Party for sharing and promoting antisemitism and extremism.

The Councillors – the majority of whom VoteWatch exposed as having used convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood to win their seats – have a history of being mired in scandal. Yet today, the vile group finally paid the price for their bigotry and hate.

Why was this man helping Labour candidate scrape to victory? | Daily Mail  Online
Cllr Shabina Qayyum, who used Tariq Mahmood (above) to help win her seat, has also been suspended

Fourteen members have been suspended in total, by both Peterborough and Cambridgeshire Labour CLP’s. Among them are the following:

Councillor Ansar Ali, Richard Strangward, Cllr Angus Ellis, Colin and Linda Watson, Cllr Samantha Hemraj, Kit Hubback, Cllrs Mahboob Hemraj, Cllr Shabina Qayyum, Cllr Aasiayah Joseph, and Cllr Mohammed Jamil.

Cllr Qayyum has frequently been exposed by VoteWatch for incidents including harassing local residents, being accused of postal vote fraud, and for tagging a vile holocaust denier into her official campaign posts on social media.

Prime Minister is urged to act to save Peterborough's struggling pubs |  Peterborough Telegraph
MP Paul Bristow has invited the Jewish Leadership Council to Peterborough to address the problem

Speaking to VoteWatch, popular Peterborough Tory MP Paul Bristow said:

“As Peterborough’s MP, I take the suspensions of councillors and candidates very seriously.

“The Jewish Leadership Council is right to say that ‘there is a specific and identifiable problem’ of antisemitism in our city’s politics.

“I have invited JLC representatives to come to Peterborough to meet me and address this problem directly. I hope that faith groups (including representatives from the Peterborough Liberal Jewish Community), councillors and the local political parties will participate in the meeting.

“We must lift this shadow over politics in our city. It is incumbent on all parties to improve understanding and tackle unacceptable actions, comments and behaviour.”

Meanwhile, the Labour Party have been caught lying once again – this time in another effort to cover-up the fact that they are continuing to use convicted vote-rigger Tariq Mahmood on their current local election campaign team.

Mahmood (left) is known locally as ‘wormy’, and was convicted in 2008 for postal vote fraud. (Image taken last week in Peterborough).

Mahmood, who was convicted along with a Peterborough Labour mayor for postal vote fraud, helped numerous prominent Labour councillors and MPs win their seats in the city, and was snapped out canvassing with them last week.

Speaking to the Peterborough Today’s left-wing journalist Joel Lamy, the Labour Party denied Mahmood was on their campaign, nor that he had access to any private information held by the Labour Party.

Bizarrely, Mahmood’s own excuse was that he (a bald man) was on his way to get a haircut and simply posed for the photos after bumping into some Labour activists.

This, however, is a demonstrable lie, considering that the photos VoteWatch exclusively revealed clearly show Mahmood in a different area of the city to that which he claims to have been, and clearly holding a copy of the electoral register while campaigning once again for the ‘crooked’ Labour party in Peterborough.

Another two Peterborough Labour councillors, Ed murphy and Heather Skibsted, were also suspended from the party this month. It is not yet known if their suspensions relate to antisemitism.


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