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FAR-LEFT FASCISTS: Churchill Statue Defaced Again



WINSTON Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square has been vandalised with graffiti again by far-left activists, this time linked to Extinction Rebellion.

Winston Churchill statue vandalised as 'racist' scrawled on monument by  climate change activists - Daily Record

The words “is a racist” sprayed on the plinth beneath the statue of the wartime prime minister come only three months after it was vandalised with similar words during Black Lives Matter protests – forcing it to be boarded up for its own protection.

London’s Metropolitan Police said a man had been arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage on Thursday evening.

Right wingers are furious that this Churchill statue has been boarded up,  but it's not the first time | indy100
The above vandalism by BLM led to Churchill’s statue being boarded up for its own protection.

The Met said 648 people had so far been arrested during the climate protests in London this month.

Last week demonstrators delayed the delivery of millions of newspapers when they blocked print-works in Hertfordshire and Merseyside.