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FEMI Slammed For Comparing Andrew Neil To Jimmy Saville And Harold Shipman



BROKEN record remainer Femi Oluwole has shockingly compared former BBC presenter Andrew Neil to serial child abusers Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris, and to ‘Dr Death’ Harold Shipman.

The spat between the Daily Mail on Sunday’s Dan Hodges and Femi began when Hodges commented on left-wing attempts to smear Andrew Neil’s new broadcasting venture, GB News, as ‘right-wing’:

“How can anyone who is serious about media balance campaign to boycott a channel before it’s even begun broadcasting?” wrote Hodges.

“Are you being serious?” Oluwole, whose popularity has dramatically declined following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, replied. “A news channel is being set up exclusively by the most established right-wing names in the country and you think its opponents are the ones who don’t respect media balance? Really?”

In the process of arguing back and forth, Hodges wrote: “Right. So you concede he’s the most skilled interviewer in the country. But you think he should be boycotted because you fear his political views don’t align with yours.”


Femi’s response instantly drew criticism for comparing Neil to Jimmy Saville and other infamous criminals:

“I’m trying really hard not to use historical examples of people who were skilled at surgery, good at presenting kids shows, or good at art, to illustrate how disturbing it is that you think someone’s (lack of) morality should be ignored if they’re good at what they do” said Femi, referencing Rolf Harris, Harold Shipman, and Jimmy Saville.

Chaired by Andrew Neil, GB News will first air early this year after being financially backed in part by the company behind The Discovery Channel, and LibDem Sir Paul Marshall. Presenters are to include remainer Rachel Johnson and Nick Ferrari.

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